Friday, August 8, 2008

Here In My Home

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Once upon a time, when i was lazily laying on my bed, my friend came to my room and asking me,

"Weh, ko ada lagu Here In My Home x? Ala yg ada ramai artis malaysia nyanyi tuh?"

Then I answered,

"Yg mana satu? Lagu kampong kot. Aku x penah dgr pon."

Then, he replied,

"Lagu best la. Ala, yg ada afdlin shauki nyanyi tu. Suara dia lain sket, macam international artis yg nyanyi wo."

I answered back,

"Kejap2. Aku rasa mcm penah dgr. Search kat google la kejap".

Then, i connected my wireless broadband, started Mozilla Firefox and search for "Here In My Home " with Google. Got so many answers from Google (What do u expect? Hahaha). Then, i chose the link which brought me to the YouTube website. The result was as followed:-

Wow, the video was really great! I love all the voices in the video, especially Jac la of course (Muahahahaha!). Plus, kalo korg dengar btol2 kat beginning of the video, korg akan perasan yg suara Afdlin mcm suara Country artis. Best wo. Even Awie punya English punya pronunciation pon really impressed me! Atilia, Ning ngan Jac jgn cakap la. Powerfull as always.

Actually, this project was initiated by Pete Teo, also one of the featured artiste in the video. The project involved with RM 0.00 of bugdget. Serious! Dorg wat kerje2 amal la ni .

Video ni actually pasal our beloved country, Malaysia. If ur read the lyrics, u will notice that it is all about the unity in Malaysia, regardless our religion, race or political interest. To me, bagus la mcm ni kan. Kita xnak berpecah belah sesama kita, pastu org2 kat luar sumer gelakkan kita.

Dah ar, aku rasa ckup panjang dah aku post nih. Nak tau lebih lanjut, baca la kat sini yer, dorg punya website --> MalaysianArtistesForUnity

Dekat website tuh, korg even leh donlod Wallpapers, mp3 and the video for FREE. Click here for the download link or u can click on any of the banners in this post.

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