Saturday, January 31, 2009


Type: Verb

Postpone doing what one should be doing

"He did not want to write the letter and procrastinated for days"

Postpone or delay needlessly

"He procrastinated the matter until it was almost too late"


drag one's feet
drag one's heels

Source: WordWeb Software Dictionary

Quotable Quotes of The Week

Some vocabularies that i think I want to use in the future:

My mother told me not to follow, which made me quite disappointed because I was hoping for a family vacation like last years, huhu... Yet, on Sunday I succeeded in requesting my lil' brother to drive me to Midvalley because I was sooo kempunan of Beard Papa's cream puffs.


At a junction, a car in front of me stopped suddenly. The signal lamp turned on, indicating it wanted to go to the right lane although he could actually do that without stopping . Consequently, he rest of the cars at the back, including me had to stop and wait until it managed to do that.

Last Saturday, my family and I were on a trip to fetch Haezel from her community service programme, “Program Latihan Khidmat Negara” which is located in Kem Ulu Pari, Aqua Village, Rembau, Negeri Sembilan.

"Supposed to"
I supposed to watch MKMF 2007 on TV but I lost interest and go online instead.

I am not being paedophilic and god-forbids-whatnot. This thought has been thought in my head. Hehe. I am a human after all.

"Come along"
Would you like to come along to visit Tailuro’s grave at Hokkaido tomorrow? I know you’re still tired and all but I’m hoping you to be there with me.


Personally, I think it is good that Warta Perdana is aired at 9pm. 7pm to 9pm is where we should spend the time for Maghrib and Isya prayers. Not watching the television and procrastinate our prayers.


Hahahaha! You guys should totally watch this video. It is about an adorable baby girl with an attitude, the "Whateva!" attitude. My friend sent me this video to me through LAN. However I managed to search in in YouTube.

So cute right? Especially when she was doing her hand and also her eyes (the eyes looking sideways and the hand up). Planning to teach my niece to do something like that also. Giler ar. Nanti got scolded by my sister. Hahaha!

I personally like to do the "whatever" thingy to some of my annoying friends. Occasionally! Not at all time or that will make me the one who being annoy.

Ok la. As usual, please comment on my grammar or whatever! Hahaha!

P/s - To download this video, you can use keepvid or if you are using IDM, simpy right click and choose "Download last requested FLV".

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Didn't or Haven't?

I always got confused with these two words.

For example, there was one time, when i want to collect the assignments (that should be graded) from the lecturer-in-charge:

Lecturer: Do you have the answer scheme?
Me (nervous) : No, I haven't got... oh.. didn't get it yet.

So, which one is correct?


Be My Teacher~

Correct my English and I will make you as my English teacher. Currently, I already have two teachers.


Miss Cheryl indirectly taught me something in my last post. Here what i learned from her:


Amend: To improve, basically to correct the wrongs, to make something better


I had downloaded many of them from LAN, and some of them I haven't watch yet.


I had downloaded many of them from LAN, and some of them I haven't watched yet.

Haha! really useful. Come on guys! Keep commenting about my English!

Quotable Quotes

In progress.

In this part, I will post some interesting sentences that i found from the internet especially from my friend's blogs.

Already requested for their permission, but now waiting for them to approve it. Hopefully they will approve la of course.

Mereka Yg Kurang Berguna

Perempuan Yg Kurang Berguna

Ari tuh, otw nak ke Mydin, aku nampak sorg makcik nih, marah anak dia (umur dalam lingkungan 2-3 tahun) mcm nih:

"Org nak pimpin tangan, nak lepas2 plak. Meh tangan tuh!", sambil memberi satu ketukan di kepala anaknyer.

Aku kata:

Makcik, nak marah2 anak tuh, jgn la sampai main2 kepala. Budak tuh baru kecik lagi kot. Kang ada effeck kat kepala dia ker nanti mcm mana? Besar2 nanti bengong ker? Ish! Lagi pon, kurang sopan la main2 kepala nih? Mak ayah makcik x ajar ker time kecik2 dulu? Ke dorg pon main2 ketuk kepala mcm makcik gak, sbb tu makcik jd bengong macam nih?

Lelaki Yg Kurang Berguna

Aku dah ada atas bas kat area Kota Raya (transit utk ke umah aku). Sedang2 aku menunggu bas yg xreti2 nak gerak tuh (sbb nak tunggu sampai penuh baru nak jalan), aku ternampak ada dua lelaki nak naik bas yg aku naik tuh. Sorg tu pegang tin minuman. Sorg yg pegang tin tuh, masa dia baru nak naik bas tuh, ada ke dia campak jer tin kosong (a.k.a sampah) tu kat luar mcm tuh jer?

Aku kata:

Weh brader, bengong ker aper? Xnampak ker tong sampah atas bas nih? X pon, kat tepi bas stop nih de tong sampah besar nak mampus. Buang kat situ boleh x? Saya pantang org buang sampah merata-rata nih, biarpon sekeping tiket yg kecik tuh! Kutip balik brader. Jaga kebersihan KL nih sket. Takkan nak jadikan KL ni sarang tikus kot sbb sikap brader ngan kawan2 brader yg x kenal mana satu tong sampah? Meh saya ajar aper tu tong sampah? Nih, depan brader nih, bekas besar yg ada lobang nih, ni la tong sampah! Paham?!

P/s - "Aku kata" tuh sbnarnyer dalam hati jer. But then, aku tulis gak kat sini supaya org2 len yg baca dapat pengajaran aper yg aku cuber sampaikan nih.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Who Are You on LOST?

You Are Jack

You are a natural but reluctant leader. People are drawn to you in times of crisis.

And while the role of leader is not something you're totally comfortable with, you will fight hard to keep it.

You are obsessed with fixing things and people.
You can't rest until everything is better.

You have complicated ethics. Doing the right thing is important to you, even though other people may not understand your motives.

You are concerned with maintaining your stoic image. It hurts when other people see you suffer.
Deep down you are very moody. You tend to be unhappy, and you have a depressed, self-destructive streak.

Take the Quiz here to know Who Are You on LOST?

P/s - Yg mana kau highlight tu mcm btol jer? Btol ker? Comment2!

Blog Hopping~~

I was blog hopping from one to another and i found this interesting statement about Ayu during AJL 23 (source dirahsiakan yer):

And aku rasa siapa yang stylekan rambut Ayu tu patut kena hukum mati atas kerusi elektrik.

Muahahaha! I agree 100% with the writer's idea. Kejadah aper rambut kerinting warna blonde? Mcm Oprah kaler rambut dia (and this will be unimaginable...). Lagi2 bila org Melayu plak yg kaler rambut tuh.

Aku mmg xsetuju kaler2 rambut nih. Mmg haram hukumnya (except kalo guna henna la..). Aper2 hal, utk Ayu, Lu Pikir La Sendiri!

P/s- Suki pon samer jer. Tok sah la kaler2 rambut tuh.

Caution! Laziness Detected!

Hoho! Got many things to be settled in this week. Serves me right! Last two days i spent most of my day watching One Piece from 30+- past episodes till the current one! Crazy huh?!

I was so lazy to do anything which includes my FYP, homework, marking paper etc, etc. Mati la! Anyone, please pray for me. Pray that my laziness will go away. It is like a disease to me nowadays. Tolong!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Words of the day

From now on, I will be posting some vocabularies that I found interesting. From this, maybe I may increase the number of my vocabs and plus, some of them can even be practiced in our daily life . I will start with two words that I found for the hit tv series, Ugly Betty.

Source: Ugly Betty, Episode 512 - Sisters on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

1. Bossy pants

Term given to someone whom being bossy of course

Hilda: I might not do things the way that you want me to, but you can't be Betty bossy pants
Betty: Don't call me Betty bossy pants.
Hilda: Well, then stop trying to control everything.

2. Snafu

SNAFU is an acronym meaning, "Situation Normal, All F***ed Up". It is sometimes bowdlerized to "Situation Normal: All Fouled Up" or similar, in circumstances where profanity is discouraged or censored. In modern usage, "snafu" is often used as an interjection, as a shorthand for the sentiment expressed by the phrase. "Snafu" is also sometimes used as a noun or verb, referring to a situation that suddenly went awry, or the cause of the trouble. The acronym is believed to have originated in the US Army during World War II.

Betty: I've been dealing with a little work snafu.
Daniel: There was a work snafu, huh?
Betty: It's all taken care of. Amanda helped me.
Daniel: Hh. That's--that's great.

nEw tempLAte~~

Hahaha! My first template for this blog only lasted for 1 week. Hmm, I decided to change it because the color was almost the same with my main blog. See pictures below:

I found the new template (the purple bg..) here and I just love it. Simple but really catch my eyes. Thank you suckmyolly!

I love template with black in color for the entry background and got light color in contrast for the whole background. Is it nice? Is it too girlie? Nah right? Ok, as usual, please comment.

Thanks and see ya!

P/s - Plan to change the template of iraziz.blogspot but haven't found any that i like yet.


I am still at IIU (at the moment..) and plan to get back home after Asar. I plan to stop by at Mydin Pudu to buy some toiletries. Stock finish already.

Hmm, got so many assignment to be graded. Hopefully I can finish it by tomorrow. Don't want to postpone marking anymore as I will get more and more after each week.

K ar. I gonna pray for Zuhr and continue wathing One Piece. Muahahahaha!

International Readers? Nah~

Suddenly, got traffics from all over the world. Why ek? Hmmm! Is it some kind of conspiracy? Hahaha! Got nothing related to conspiracy at all.

Ntah ler. Bior jer la. Baca la post2 aku yer wahai international readers sekalian...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

mE and mY brOken eNglish

I had just created my alternative blog about a week ago entitled "mE and mY brOken eNglish". The main purpose of the blog is as one of the steps that I took in improving my English.

Hmm, I don't want to babel too long here. Just click here to jump to my alternative blog. Have fun!

Start Posting Already!

Hahaha! At last, i am typing for my first "real" post in my first ever 100% English blog (not really la, maybe 80% Eng, 20% BM..) . Actually, why I haven't post this entry sooner after my Prepost?

I want to make my first post special, but I don't know what to write about, and finally I ended up writing this. I don't have a clear idea what i want to write about but i feel like I must write something or otherwise, this blog wont even get started (Can you count how many "write" in this paragraph? =p).

Okay, I just got some ideas what to share with you guys. I want to tell you guys why and what I'm gonna do with this blog? Actually, it is absolutely as one of the platform that I choose to improve my English language. I want to post something which i must compose in at least 80% English and I want you guys to comment on every English error that i done in any of my posts in the future (Grammar, Vocab, Punctuation, etc), and from that, I can learn from my own mistakes. I really need your help in achieving my mission (kind of big right? Objective maybe... Hahaha!). Anyway that is the important one.

In order to reach my goal, i will pledge to myself that I will be posting on everyday to show my level of commitment in improving my English. Oh, some redundancy issue here.. Hahaha! (except for holidays la or when i got no internet connection). If I missed posting in any particular day, Insya-Allah I will qada' it on the next day. Hahahaha!

Lastly, to all my friend out there (or anyone), I really hope to get your support on this. Show your first support by commenting on any errors in this post! Hahahaha!

Ok, till my next post!

See ya!

Truffle or Trifle?

I had this uncertainty about what actually truffle is. As far as I know (from tv series called Pushing Daisies), truffle is (1) a kind of fungi that they use in exclusive dish. But then, I heard some of my friends said, they love to eat (2) truffles that one of their friends made (some sort of desert which got layers of cakes and jelly). I also had a friend that actually selling (3) variety of chocolates, which she also called it as truffle. So, what is truffle exactly?

I had googled for "Truffle" from the net, and I got these from Wikipedia:

Truffle or Truffles may refer to:

  • Truffle (fungi), the edible fruiting body of a group of fungi in the genus Tuber
  • Chocolate truffle, a chocolate confection
  • Various kinds of hypogeous fungi other than that mentioned above, including Ascomycetes, Basidiomycetes, Glomeromycetes and Zygomycetes

Truffle as a group of fungi

Truffle as choc confection

Hmm, it seems that so far, number (1) and (3) are correct! So, what is actually number (2)? I guess you all know from the title of this entry. =p

Yes, it is trifle ("truf" with an "i" and one "f"). It is pronounce as trai-fel (it sounds almost the same as truffle. No wonder people got confused with these two). To confirm that, I again searched the net and these are what i got:
  • A trifle is a dessert dish made from thick (or often solidified) custard, fruit, sponge cake, fruit juice or, more recently, jelly (gelatin), and whipped cream. These ingredients are usually arranged in layers with fruit and sponge on the bottom, and custard and cream on top.
  • A trifle is often used for decoration as well as taste, incorporating the bright, layered colours of the fruit, jelly, jam, and the contrast of the creamy yellow custard and white cream.
  • Trifles are often served at Christmas time, sometimes as a lighter alternative to the much denser Christmas pudding.

Hmm, hope after this there will be no more misunderstanding about truffle again. BTW, sedapnyer trifle tu! Anyone care to make some for me? Fathi maybe? Yum2!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Taik Cicak Najis X?

Hampeh tol, aku balik2 bilik, kepenatan, mau tidur di katilku yg empuk. Skali tgk, ada taik cicak!~~~

Tak guna pny cicak! Berani ko berak atas katil aku?! Berak ar kat toilet. Kebingungan aku di sini membuatkan aku ingin bertanya kepada saper2 yg mahir dalam bab2 fekah yg melibatkan najis nih. Adakah tahi cicak itu najis? Tolong la tinggalkan jawapan anda dalam comment di bawah ya.


P/s - Aku rasa ianya najis mutawasitoh.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Hahaha! Jahatnyer aku ari ni. Aku telah mengescapekan diri dari meeting ngan supervisor ari ni! Muahahahaha!
Actually mcm nih, smlm aku der kejer EOP, kena wat minutes meeting (padahal, dlm kelas td bukan guna sgt pon. Ades..), then ada asignment Waste Management (BTE 4414), then soknyer (hari ni la), de test Waste, then ada meeting ngan FYP. Malam td, selesai aku wat EOP, aku pon teruskan ngan assignment Waste. Lepas wat satu part soklan, aku mengantuk. Otak kata, gi ar rest dulu, 4.30 bangun balik. Nak tau aper jd?
Aku overslept!!!! Sedeynyer! Assignment xsiap, progress utk FYP pon xsiap. Waste aper lg, xstudy la! Argh! Bangun2, aku gi mandi, trus wat assignment Waste. Then, got stuck. Xleh jadi nih. Pastu aku tinggal jer assignment Waste tu ke tepi. Nak wat FYP la konon2nyer. Then, aku br teringat yg aku baru format comp. Sumer software2 fyp yg aku instol dah burn mcm tuh jer. Arghh! Tidak! Xsempat nih nak wat FYP!
Tatkala aku kerunsingan, otak jahat aku berfikir, "Aper kata aku escape jer meeting ngan supervisor? Muahahaha! (Gelak jahat!)". Aku setuju ngan otak aku (duh?). Then, aku send email to both of my supervisors! Lega! Escapism di situ! Muahahaha!
Tapi malangnyer, escapism aku ari ni x ke mana. Malm nih aku xfree. Sob2... Kna wat FYP. Xper la. At least, aku der satu hari lg utk stat balik. Terima kasih kat Dr I sbb kasi aku postpone. Dr H? Hahaha! Aku pon xtau.
Dah ar, malas nak taip.
P/s - Aper citer kat assignment Waste ngan test Waste aku? X.O.X.O!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Chazzie's 1st Blogger Award!

Wah2! Bestnyer! Aku menang award dari Chazz! Tq sangat2! I wanna thank my family, my friends bla... bla... bla... =P

Aku ingat takkan menang. Tak tau pon aku dicalonkan. Hahahaha! However, Tq again chazz! really appreciate it!

To know more about chazz, visit her blog here and her alternative blog here.

Laju nyer!

Yesterday, after class, at 3.30pm, I went to GPCL E0, to surf the internet. When I was there, there was actually some internet problem. In fact, yesterday, I think the whole campus got problem with internet. Maybe because of the server or the firewall settings. However, that is not the story that I want to share here.

Although ada internet prob, tapi aku try refresh page aku byk2 kali. Pastu, alhamdulillah leh go online. Aku pon aper lagi, download la. Korg nak tau download pny transfer rate smlm leh cecah brp? Sila rujuk di bawah. Click picture to enlarge.

Huyo! Sampai 3.0++ MB tuh! Gila ar laju (laju la sbb download rate dalam UIA ni slalunyer slow - less than 200kb). Best2! mybe sbb ramai bdak2 uia give up guna tenet time tu. So, bila x ramai, mmg la laju giler. Masyuk la donlod smlm.

So, pengajarannyer di sini, kalo first try tuh got error, jgn give up dulu. Try and try and try, then, puff! 3.0++M B. Muahahaha!

K ar, berikut adalah hasil yg aku dapat smlm dalam less than one hour:

K ar. Tata!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


This blog will be posted in English language. This is one of the steps that I took in improving my English language, hopefully! Ok, till my first real post!

Monday, January 19, 2009

AJL 23 - Yeay! Meet Uncle Hussain Menang!

Hmmm, actually, I wanna post something about Jobstreet Career Fair that I attended last weekend, but, yeah, AJL is more important! Muahahahaha! Mana ade. Career is more important but right now, I am much eager to write about the AJL's winner last night, Meet Uncle Hussain.

(Disclaimer: Sbnrnya, aku xtgk sangat pn AJL mlm td, aku tgk performance yg aku ske dan yg aku kisah jer. Yg lain, I don't even care. Hahaha!)

Msti ramai giler kecewa + Frust nonggeng sbb Faizal Tahir x menang. Hahaha! Sorry to say la. Mlm tu bagi aku, dia biasa2 jer. Comment aku, dia actually x perlu bawak gitar kalo stakat nak show off, tapi x main btol2. Same goes to Aizat. Actually, Aizat mmg dah ngaku awal2 yg dia suka bwak gitar ke stage, walaupon xmain. Bnda tu actually ganggu concentration dorg kalo korg perasan. Aku ngan rumate aku perasan jer. Sbb dorg mcm nak petik gitar, but at the same time nak nyanyi. They need more practice kalo nak jadi mcm Western pny artist kalo nak bwk musical instrument on stage. BTW, Paul Moss pn penah marah Suki time OIAM dulu2 sbb bawak gitar just untuk main2 jer, but not actually main betol2. Stakat gimik jer.

Ok, move to Meet Uncle Hussain. Actually, most of us mmg x sangka + sakit hati bila Meet Uncle Hussain menang kan? Well, too bad. Dorg dah menang dah pon dan aku gembira.

Lagu Untukmu ni mmg best! Aku first time dgr time dia jd opening song utk "KAMI" pn dah terus minat. Time AJL smlm, aku paling suka part bila Lan (Vocalis) tarik satu part tu, mmg tinggi giler sampai Makcik Ziana ngan Jac pon boleh rasa tercabar. In fact, Ally Iskandar ngan Cheryl Samad pn ckp mcm tuh.

One more thing about Meet Uncle Hussain nih, dorg band indie kan and selalunya (bukan sumer) lagu2 dia byk menjerit2, but then, Meet Uncle Hussain nih, aku leh tahan lagi jeritan dorg. Xder mcm sumbang pon. Kalo band Hujan tuh, kadang2 dgr gak bunyi2 sumbang dorg. HAhahaha!

Huh, pas nih aku rasa nak gi konsert/gig dorg plak la. Lastly, kepada saper2 yg frust nonggeng sbb artis dorg tak menang2 tuh, udah2 le. Lagi pon AJL nih actually bukan menilai artis, dorg menilai lagu yg artis tuh perform malam tuh.

To know more about Meet Uncle Hussain, click here

K ar, Till my next post!

P/s - Ada sorg member aku ni ckp, Faizal Tahir th, dulu dok sibuk2 bukak baju, skrg dok sibuk2 tukar2 baju / pakai baju plak atas pentas. Pastu2 bkan dia yg tolong tukarkan. Ada stylist lg tu. Kalo kena banned pon, stylist dia la yg kena. Hahahaha! Jalan selamat...

Friday, January 16, 2009

Kejap Ada, Kejap Xder.

Ni quick updates citer pasal water crisis kat UIA lagi. Malam td, satu Mahallah Ali complete xder air kot. Member2 aku ada yg ke engineering block untuk mandi. Aku plak, jaga air smbahyang dari Asar sampai ke Isyak. Nasib baik x kentut. Hahahaha! Then, teringat yg malam td akan ada trening caklempong kat CAC. Aku pon ajak member aku mandi kat sana. Alang2 nak gi trening. Best wo. Ada shower lagi tuh. Puas ati la.

Then, when I woke up this morning, nak gi ambik air smbahyang, teringat xder air. Alamak, nak kena gi tangki ker? Dah la jauh dia letak tangki air tu. Kat cafe. Block ar dah ar jauh dari cafe. Then, aku pon gi la bilik basuh, try tgk ada air ke tak. Jeng jeng jeng! Ada air. Laju plak tu. Alhamdulillah. Best2! Then, pas sbyg, aku terus mandi. Takut tiba2 takder air.

BTW, smlam UIA da isytiharkan yg hari ni cuti utk student2 because of the water cirsis. Best la saper2 yg de kelas tuh, rasa cuti. Aku ni, mmg dah xder kelas hari Jumaat. So, macam biasa jer.

K ar. See ya in the next post!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Misteri UIA

Aku nak post satu video ni, namanya "Misteri UIA". It is actually a kind of documentary. Ex-Roomate aku time 1st year yg wat (Credit to Usher), sempena kejadian UIA xder air 3 tahun yg lalu. Saper ada keberanian, click la play kat video tuh!

Caution! Video ni mempunyai unsur2 yg kurang menyenangkan.

Jgn ckp aku x warning ek. Okeh, enjoy!

Water Shortage @ IIUM Gombak? Indeed!

Hmm, IIUM officially involved with water crisis! Ingatkan sempat dia basuh2 sungai tuh, rupa2nyer tak. Water from my block (Ali F), was ok early this morning, but now, got no water at all. Fortunately i woke up early this morning and went straight to the bathroom to mandi manda.

Actually, from last evening lagi dah nampak tanda2 yg mmg xsempat afected area tu nak dibersihkan. Lori kuar masuk, and Mahallah Sideq and Bilal were among the first xder air mlm td. My mahallah, Mahallah Ali, pg ni jer br xder.

K ar, I need to plan where i should go to take a bath or when I really need to go to the toilet. I my head right now, Engineering Block E3 or E5 sbb xramai org gn block tuh. Guys, i had just booked these two blocks. Korg cari tmpat lain yer. Hahahaha!

P/s - Member aku siap catu makan lagi sbb takut nak buang air besar time xder air nih. Perlu la kan?!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Possible Water Shortage @ IIUM Gombak?

Water shortage at Gombak? Again? Hahahaha! Simpang kat sungai tu memang berpuaka. Just kidding. Jgn percaya puaka2 ni. Kalo molot puaka mcm seseorg tu, ada la. Nak tau saper yg mulut puaka gemuk xsedar diri tuh, click here (jgn click kalo rasa2 xmampu nak hadapi si molot puaka). Hahahaha! Ish, aku ni off topic.

Back to the topic, Alhamdulillah, when i went to the bathroom to take my bath at 8.oo am this morning, there is still water coming out from the tap. No sign of water shortage at all. Air keluar dgn lajunyer. Xder air karat2 or any oily smell. Just plain tap water as usual.

But to tell you guys the truth, I was hoping (a lil bit... =p) that there will be a water shortage like 3 years ago (masa kita first year kan xder air gak), and then, the admin of IIUM give us 2-3 days of holidays because of the problem. Yeay! No need to go to class. Jahat x? However, I was not praying for takder air because that will be like kufur nikmat. I was just hope dgn nada main2 jer. Plus, actually seksa wo xder air. I remember that i need to collect the water each time nak gi toilet, from the tangki yg besar tu yg dia letak kat each college. Agak seksa gak ar .

BTW, now, no water shortage at all and jangan nak mandai2 bagi excuse xnak pegi kelas sbb tak mandi ker, tak gosok gigi ker aper. Pegi kelas yer kawan. As for me, I only have one class on every Monday and Wed. Hahahahah! Bestnyer.
K ar. Dah panjang mengarut.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Tun Mahathir's Blog?

I just noticed one comment in one of my entries, which is "Free Palestine" and i was like, What?! Hahaha! It is so funny! Read the comment below:

Supaat Karupayyah said...

Bagus la elaboration Tun pasal comparison brand/ makanan tadi...takde lagi org yg bagi explanation macam tu.Tahniah Tun (Ni blog Tun Dr. Mahathir ke?)

Dear Mr Supaat Karupayyah, this is not Tun Mahathir's blog. I don't know how you got here when serching for Tun's blog, but for your information, this is IR. Aziz's blog. You can see my profile if you want to know more about me. However, if you still want to search for Tun's blog, you can click here. I had also linked his blog at the right side of this page. Ok, hope this will help you.

P/s - Sorry if you found that this entry is making fun of you. OR, ada saper2 yg cuba nak kenakan aku ker? Berlakon jadi
Supaat Karupayyah. Kalo yer, hampeh btol kamu. =p

Sunday, January 11, 2009

U Mobile @ Time Square & Sogo's 15th Anniversary Sale

Went to Time Square yesterday, to pay my U Mobile's bill. Bila2 sampai kat U Mobile tuh, pny la ramai org. Hmm, tgk la pic kat bawah tuh:

Then, dalam 10 minit aku dah lama tunggu, baru perasan ada mesin ambik no tuh. Hampeh tol.

Xpenah-penah ramai org kat U Mobile tuh. Sblum nih pon mana ada mesin nombor tuh (aper kita panggil mesin nih?). Kepelikkan situasi tersebut telah memaksa aku untuk bertanya kepada Pak Guard yg ada kat ctu,

"Naper ramai org kat U Mobile ni?"
"Org ramai nak terminate card rasaya", jawab Pak Guard tu dgn selamba.

Org nak terminate card? Hmm, x lama la U Mobile nih. Sigh! Bagus gak kalo x lama, leh tamat contract (sbb aku ada setahun setgh lagi contract ngan dorg utk tenet U Mobile).

Then, after bayar, gi jalan2 kat Time Square tuh. Gi tgk dia pny stage utk Chinese New Year. Sgt cantik. Lagi2 bila kena ngan aku yg suka ngan warna merah nih.

Then, jalan pny jalan, cari sale. Xder sgt pon. Masuk Metrojaya jap. Tgk aper2 yg patut. perfume ker, Shirt ker, x byk choice. Then terpikir, alang2 dah kuar nih, bek gi Sogo jer terus. PAstu, naik Monorail, turun kat Medan Taunku. Jalan kaki sket gi Sogo.

Sampai2 Sogo tuh, tgk org pny ramai. Crowded giler. Aku pon cam pelik la. Apsal crowded sampai kat luar? Rupa2nya ada Sogo's 15th Anniversary Sale. 9th and 10th Jan. 2 hari jer. Hmm, aku aper la lagi, ambik peluang la. Memng nak carik shirt ngan jean baru.

Tapi kalo nak masuk kena ada Sogo Card. Hmm, aku xder Sogo card. So, wat la kejap kat luar tuh. Rm 12 and bleh gn for two years. Kalo jd member leh dpt extra 3% - 5% extra discount. Kira kalo sale 50%, aku leh dpt up to 55% la. Untung gak sbb aku mmg suka beli2 baju kat Sogo. Branded and at affordable price. Choices pon bleh tahan gak.

Nak masuk tuh, kena ikut laluan. Siapa da sign lagi..

Sogo yg sgt2 crowded. Most wanted sale item of the day: Toto yg 80% dicount. Rm 400 to just RM 78. Makcik2 seronok la membeli. Mmg ramai nak mampus la makcik2 yg beli. Sampai cam dah jd pasar malam kat Sogo ari tuh. Org menjerit sana sini. Ada yg hilang anak mcm yg kita tgk selalu dalam Shin Chan tuh.

Pic kat bawah nih, sumer pasal mattress tuh. Ada happy hour la bagai. Sorg amoi tu siap borg lagi. Satu troli tuh!

Kat bwah ni, antara aper yg aku beli ari tuh:

Shirt. Diesel. 70% Discoint. RM 20.97

Long sleave shirt. Bontton. 50% Discount. RM 17.97

Regular cut Denim. Diesel. 70% Discount. RM 54.95

Sweater. B.U.M. 70% Discount. RM 30 jer!

Memng puas ati la. Tgh2 shopping tu, teringat kat geng Amir, Abu ngan Topoi yg gi Youth '09 kat PWTC. Aku pn bg ar tau dorg yg kat Sogo ada sale. Then dorg pinjam card aku. Amir dpt bli jaket Jeep with 70% discount RM 200 jd RM 60. Abu pon bli jaket Jeep gak. Untung kan?

Alhamdulillah. Membeli ngan cermat.

K ar. Malas dah

I Got These Messages...

Salam. Last night, I got a few smses from some of my friends that need me to past them around. So here I put one the messages and u guys know what to do right? Yes, spread it!

"Ya Allah, sebagai mana engkau telah menghantar burung-burung Ababil menghancurkan tentera-tentera bergajah Musyrikin, maka kami memohon kepada-Mu Ya Allah... Turunkanlah bantuan-Mu kali ini kepada orang-orang Islam di Palestine. Hancurkanlah rejim Zionis sedahsyat-dahsyatnya!"

Alternative Boicott


Disalin semula daripada: Husaini yg telah menyalin dari Leokid's Life

Terima kasih dan Jazahullahu khairan kathira kepada Akh Syamirullah atas artikel yang baik dan berinformatif ini.


Umat Islam, di Malaysia terutamanya, digesa untuk melakukan pemboikotan ke atas produk-produk yang terbukti memberikan sumbangan secara langsung ke atas negara haram Israel, sekaligus menyuburkan keganasan yang dilakukan Israel ke atas saudara-saudara kita di Palestin!


Di Malaysia, terdapat banyak syarikat-syarikat luar yang telah lama bertapak, sekaligus menjadikan usaha memboikot ini seolah-olah satu beban kepada kita semua. Kita telah biasa berkunjung ke McDonalds, telah biasa terpegun dengan kecanggihan produk Intel dan Nokia, telah selalu menonton saluran Disney & CNN dan sebagainya. Susah betul nak boikot, kan?


Saya tidak bercadang mengulas panjang mengenai boikot dari segi hukum dsb. Saya yakin telah banyak diulas di sana dan sini mengenai kedudukan boikot. Justeru jika anda datang ke sini dengan persoalan - “Patutkah aku boikot?”, saya rasa anda tidak akan jumpa jawapannya di sini. Namun nasihat dari saya, boikotlah dengan ilmu dan rasional. Jangan memboikot secara membuta tuli - siasatlah terlebih dahulu sumber berita yang anda terima, pastikah kesahihannya, beralihlah kepada alternatif yang lebih baik secara kurang radikal dsb.


Oh ya, saya suka penulisan Abu Saif mengenai boikot ini. Beliau mengupas aspek boikot berdasarkan kepada reaksi kita Muslim, serta kesannya kepada negara haram Israel. Mungkin boleh menjadi panduan kepada kita, insyaAllah.


Boikot, menjadi lebih mudah sekiranya kita sudi berhijrah! Berhijrah dari yang buruk kepada yang lebih baik. Dalam suasana pelbagai pihak yang mempromosikan boikot, jarang kedengaran pihak yang menawarkan alternatif ke atas produk-produk yang diboikot ini.


Justeru, dalam artikel ini, saya akan menyenaraikan 5 jenama utama Israel-associated di Malaysia, serta 5 alternative yang lebih baik bagi jenama tersebut! Alternative yang dipilih adalah berdasarkan kualiti produk yang hampir sama dengan produk asal yang perlu diboikot, justeru jika anda beralih ke produk alternatif ini, anda tidak akan rasa perbezaan pun!

Coca Cola VS Pepsi!


Di Malaysia, kedua-dua jenis minuman ini telah lama bertapak. Ia menjadi kebiasaan diminum terutamanya dalam golongan muda dan remaja. Saya tidak berhasrat menyentuh dari aspek kesihatan, kerana minuman-minuman bergas ini sememangnya tidak wajar dijadikan minuman harian.
Namun, bagi yang terus ingin menikmati minuman cola ini, maka saya menggesa anda supaya tinggalkan minuman Coca-Cola, kerana Coca-Cola adalah terbukti menjadi antara penyumbang utama bagi negara Israel!
Sebaliknya, beralihlah kepada PEPSI!
Pepsi merupakan sebuah jenama minuman cola, yang dicipta oleh seorang ahli farmasi Amerika pada tahun 1890. Bermula dari situ, minuman ini telah popular dan tersebar luas sehingga ke seluruh pelusuk dunia, serta mempunyai pelbagai variasi lain.
Walaupun produk ini merupakan sebuah jenama Amerika, namun tiada fakta @ bukti jelas menunjukkan syarikat ini menyumbang kepada negara haram Israel secara langsung (directly). Namun bagi mereka yang boleh meninggalkan CocaCola DAN Pepsi kerana ingin berjihad mengelakkan syubhah, maka itu adalah lebih baik!

McDonalds VS KFC


Kedua-dua restoran makanan segera ini juga telah lama bertapak di Malaysia. Kedua-duanya menawarkan produk yang hampir sama - ayam goreng, burger dsb!


Namun, mengikut kajian yang telah dilakukan oleh InMinds, sudah terbukti yang syarikat McDonalds merupakan antara penyumbang terbesar kepada negara haram Israel, justeru wajib kita boikoti!


Apa alternatifnya? Saya sarankan, KFC sebagai alternatif kepada McDonalds! KFC, sebuah jenama franchise makanan segera, ditubuhkan oleh Colonel Sanders di Kentucky, Amerika Syarikat pada 1952. Sejak dari itu, jenama ini telah berkembang pesat ke seluruh dunia.


KFC di Malaysia, diuruskan oleh sebuah syarikat bumiputra tempatan iaitu QSRBrands. Syarikat ini dinaungi oleh ahli lembaga pengarah yang boleh dikatakan hampir semuanya muslim, serta mempunyai sebuah panel syariah yang tersendiri bagi memastikan produk yang dijual serta transaksi perniagaan yang berlaku adalah halal dan mengikut syariat. Antara ahli panel syariah syarikat ini adalah bekas Mufti Johor, Dato’ Noh Gadot.


Sebab itulah, pernah tak terfikir - Kenapa minuman di McDonalds adalah Coca Cola & Sprite, tetapi di KFC minuman cola yang dijual adalah PEPSI? Tukarlah kepada alternatif lain!



Persaingan antara 2 buah syarikat peneraju cip elektronik dan processor komputer utama dunia ini, telah lama wujud. Dalam kalangan enthusiast komputer serta peminat gaming, prestasi antara cip processor INTEL dan cip AMD telah lama diperdebatkan. Kedua-duanya terlalu hebat dari segi teknologi!


Namun, seperti yang dilaporkan, INTEL merupakan sebuah jenama Israel yang hakiki! Codename cip-cip yang dikeluarkan INTEL semuanya berasaskan kepada nama-nama mulia Israel. Kilang/pusat pengeluaran utama INTEL adalah terletak di Israel! Justeru, tiada sangsi lagi INTEL merupakan sebuah syarikat yang wajib diboikot!


Justeru, beralihlah kepada cip dari syarikat AMD. Cip mereka terbukti dalam kalangan enthusiast komputer, memberikan saingan yang hebat kepada Intel. Pendek kata, kita selaku pengguna biasa komputer, takkan terasa perbezaan antara komputer bercip INTEL dan bercip AMD.


Syarikat AMD (Advance Micro Device) merupakan sebuah syarikat yang berpangkalan di California, Amerika Syarikat. Selain mengeluarkan cip processor, AMD juga mengeluarkan cip motherboard, graphic processor dan sebagainya. Di Malaysia, kewujudan komputer bercip AMD semakin banyak bertapak, sama ada komputer desktop mahupun komputer notebook. So, kenapa perlu pilih INTEL, sedangkan kita ada pilihan produk yang lebih kurang sama hebatnya?


Ingat, next time anda mahu beli komputer, carilah logo AMD!

NOKIA VS Sony Ericsson!


Ah, persaingan sengit antara 2 jenama pengeluar telefon bimbit di seluruh dunia. Kedua-duanya menawarkan fungsi telefon bimbit asas yang sama, dengan sedikit perbezaan dari segi fungsi.


Nokia, merupakan antara pelabur utama di negara haram Israel. Malah, ia mempunyai sebuah pelan projek kajian tersendiri yang dinamakan Project Israel, serta melaburkan sehingga 500 Juta USD! Bayangkan sekiranya satu dollar dijadikan satu peluru kepada penduduk Palestin, betapa banyak peluru telah disumbangkan oleh syarikat ini!


Alternatif bagi syarikat ini, saya cadangkan kita beralih kepada model Sony Ericsson (SE)! SE merupakan sebuah company joint-venture antara syarikat terkenal Jepun, iaitu SONY dengan sebuah syarikat telekomunikasi Sweden, Ericcson. Syarikat ini berpangkalan di London, United Kingdom, serta tiada fakta @ bukti jelas menunjukkan penglibatan syarikat ini dengan negara haram Israel.


Dari segi kualiti, bercakap secara peribadi (saya kini memiliki 3 buah SE yang digunakan sejak 5 tahun lalu), Sony Ericsson merupakan sebuah jenama yang tahan lasak. Telefon model K300i yang saya gunakan sejak saya SPM dahulu, masih boleh digunakan hingga sekarang!


Namun, kebanyakan telefon bimbit SE tidak support aplikasi .sis, justeru membawa sedikit kekurangan. Sungguhpun begitu, sepanjang saya menggunakan telefon bimbit, saya tidak rasa saya perlu guna fungsi tersebut pun!


Bagi yang tidak pernah cuba SE, saya syorkan anda cuba menggunakannya, pasti anda akan berpuas hati! Saya pernah juga cuba menggunakan telefon Nokia untuk beberapa ketika, namun sayang, bagi pendapat peribadi saya, saya lebih gemarkan Sony Ericsson!



Disney merupakan sebuah channel television yang terkenal di seluruh dunia! Boleh dikatakan mana-mana kanak-kanak di dunia ini yang mempunyai akses TV antarabangsa, pasti mengenali syarikat Disney ini. Setelah mengukuhkan kedudukannya dalam arena TV, Disney mengorak langkah lebih jauh ke dalam bidang lain seperti filem, muzik dan pakaian, namun masih lagi disasarkan kepada golongan kanak-kanak.


Dalam masa yang sama, Disney menyokong pertubuhan negara haram Israel, serta Israel juga turut mengeluarkan dana yang tersendiri menggerakkan program-program anjuran Disney!


Alternatif yang saya ingin cadangkan, adalah sebuah genre animasi dari Jepun, iaitu lebih dikenali ramai sebagai ANIME! Anime merupakan genre kartun yang pasti mampu menarik minat kanak-kanak di seluruh dunia kerana kecomelannya serta mempunyai banyak persamaan dari segi persekitaran yang ditonjolkan. Justeru, ianya mudah sekali diasimilasi dalam kelompok kanak-kanak, sekaligus mengurangkan “kebergantungan” kanak-kanak kepada Disney.


Walaubagaimanapun, anime menggunakan bahasa Jepun sepenuhnya sebagai bahasa perantaraan. Namun, jika ada yang mengatakan Disney sesuai sebagai medium pembelajaran bahasa Inggeris, banyak lagi medium-medium pembelajaran bahasa Inggeris yang lain yang lebih sesuai! Malah, siapa sangka, dengan menonton anime kanak-kanak turut berminat menguasai bahasa Jepun juga? =)


Perlu diingatkan, anime itu sendiri perlu dikawal tontonannya. Sesetengah anime, mempunyai aksi-aksi yang kurang sesuai kepada kanak-kanak, mendedahkan aurat, pergaulan bebas dan sebagainya. Walaupun semakin banyak anime yang memupuk sifat positif seperti persahabatan, perjuangan dan sebagainya dikeluarkan, pilihan terbaik tetap adalah meninggalkan perkara ini secara terus. Hiburan merupakan satu bentuk penyerangan ke atas akidah umat Islam, baik dari Yahudi mahupun dari mana-mana sekalipun. Berhiburlah mengikut syariat Islam, dan sesungguhnya menjauhi hiburan-hiburan melampau dan tidak mengikut syariat ini adalah yang terbaik bagi kita selaku Muslim!




Terdapat banyak alternatif lain selain produk-produk yang menyokong perjuangan Israel ini. Kita cuma perlu bukakan minda, luaskan perspektif, maka pilihan-pilihan tersebut pasti lebih baik kepada kita, inshaAllah!


Perlu dinyatakan, alternatif yang saya nyatakan di atas bukan alternatif terbaik yang ada! Alternatif yang saya berikan adalah berdasarkan kepada kualiti produk/jenama yang paling menyerupai produk asal. Namun, alternatif yang terbaik bagi jenama-jenama tersebut pastilah jenama MUSLIM!


Justeru, jika anda merupakan seorang ahli farmasi @ ahli kimia, maka ciptalah sebuah minuman baru bagi menyaingi CocaCola dan PEPSI! Jika anda merupakan seorang pengusaha makanan/restoran, maka bangunkanlah jenama francais makanan segera anda yang tersendiri! Jika anda merupakan seorang jurutera komputer, maka keluarkanlah sebuah cip komputer yang setanding dengan Intel dan AMD! Jika anda merupakan seorang jurutera telekomunikasi, maka hasilkanlah sebuah telefon bimbit yang setaraf dengan Nokia dan Sony Ericsson! Dan jika anda seorang jurutera multimedia @ kartunis @ juruanimasi, jom hasilkan trademark animasi kita sendiri, animasi MUSLIM!


Sudah jelak dan muak kita menggunakan produk-produk mereka. Ayuh, mari kita mencorakkan masa depan dengan produk-produk berlandaskan syariah dan bersama kita hiasi kegemilangan Islam di masa hadapan!


(PS : Boikot, boikot juga. Tapi jangan lupa usahakan ikhtiar yang lain juga! Jangan lupakan Qunut Nazilah! Jangan lupa terus mengeluarkan derma dan sedekah! Jangan lupa, ceritakan mengenai perihal Palestin kepada ahli keluarga dan rakan-rakan anda! Jangan lupa terus berdoa! Percayalah, boikot sahaja tidak cukup, anda mampu lakukan yang lain!)