Saturday, February 28, 2009

28 Posts. Finally!

Finally, 28 posts for 28 days in February. Quite tired but happy at the same time because I achieved my goal for this time.

Gonna relax for one night. Tomorrow InsyaAllah I will post something for the 1st day of March 2009.

Still, I got many other things pending:-

  • Language for Occapational Purpose - Do feasibility report. Company profile need to edit a bit.
  • Eng. Aspects 0f Animal and Plant Tissue Culture - Study for mid term exam on this Wed
  • FYP - Of course, need to speed up my progress. Need to meet my supervisor next week, InsyaAllah. No more escaping. Hahaha!
  • IIUM Caklempong Musical Group - Edit the new template for the club's blog
  • Do laundry
  • Job application online.
  • Buy A4-size envelope - to submit my resume to selected company. Huh, dah carik keje dah.
Pray for my success in the future.

K ar. See ya!

Ha Chiummmm!

What will you do if you are about to sneeze in the public?
  1. Just let yourself sneeze. Nobody would care.
  2. Cover your face with your hand
  3. Quickly grab your handkerchief/facial tissue and cover your face, then turn your face to other direction from the public.
What will you do after you sneezed?
  1. Do nothing. Proceed with anything that you are doing at that time
  2. Say, "My Bad" or "Sorry"
  3. Say, "Alhamdulillah" + "My Bad" or "Sorry"
What will you do if you heard/saw people who had just sneezed?
  1. Don't care.
  2. Walk away to prevent yourself from the bacteria + bau
  3. Pray for him, "Yarhamukallah (Semoga Allah SWT memberimu rahmat)"
Hmm, obviously, for every question, no 3 is the best answer. But how many of us really did that?

Please, cover your face when you are about to sneeze. A lot of virus (plus the smell) will be spreaded if you don't do that.

Do you know that one of the duty for a Muslim to another is to pray for other Muslim after he/she is sneezed?

Teringat masa tgk American Idol baru2 ni. Paula Abdul (one of the judges) terbersin, and then she said,"My Bad". After that, Kara, (another judge) replied, "God Bless. God Bless".

Even org putih pon buat. Naper kita org Islam susah nak buat. Hmmmph~

Renung-renungan dan selamat beramal.

Ah, snap!

I like to do this, occasionally, not every time.

Ah, snap! Or in Bahasa Melayu, "Sentap!".


Open & Honest Communication

Please people, no more backbiting or back-stabbing. If you hate it, just say it out loud. Do not tell to others.

This is a reminder to others and also to me myself. Nobody is perfect.

Engitex '09

To be honest, this year Engineering technology Exihibition (EngiTex) was a little bit boring. Sorry if anyone get offended by my comment but this is the truth. Maybe because of the budget limits, the managements. Oh, I don't know.

My roomate was devastated because he is about to enter the Exporace (not a typo, mmg EXPOrace) before it was canceled for the reason of not enough participants to make it as a race. Another friend of mine said that up till last night (Friday, the night before the race), only 4 groups were registered for the race. Hmm... What happen? Last year, there were about twenty groups that joind the race. My group (with Fiza Hanif) was one of it. Hmm, lack of publicity I guess?

About the PC Fair, oh wait, actually there is no PC Fair this year. So sad.. My roomate (read his post about PC Fair here) and I was very excited to go to the PC FAIR (or what they called as DigiTex Fair this year), and unfortunately, it was not there. The so-called DigiTex Fair was just consist of 4 to 5 booths (see pictures below) that they just place at the CAC's pantry, near to the place where the LAN Party was held. 4 to 5 booths only? It was not even a "fair".

However, there are also some positive aspects that I found throughout the Exhibition was held. First of all, during Autogala, there were some Suksis reprentative that control the entrance of the outsiders. The outsiders without proper dress will not be able to enter the spectacle. The committee even place some banners about the dress code. Bagus2. This year, they were more sensitive in term of Islamic aspects.

In addition, this year, the EngiTex's committee had organized a Photography Workshop. Something different compared to previous year punya EngiTex.

Hmm, whatever it is, there are still some room for improvement. Yg baik jadikan tauladan, yg buruk jadikan sempadan. Yg tak cukup, tambah lagi bagi cukup in the future.

Dah ar. Malas nak merepek panjang2.

Party Items~

Source - Privileged - 116 - All About Confessions

  • Long strip of cloth or paper used for decoration or advertising

  • A toy wind instrument that has a membrane that makes a sound when you hum into the mouthpiece

Poured His Heart Out

Source - Privileged - 116 - All About Confessions

  • To confess
  • Letting out what you feel


Chazzie Minho said,

I went to Jusco to buy marshmallow. it's written there "NO TASTING". the next day, went to Giant, to buy the same thing, but this time it's written there "NO TESTING".. hmm..which one is right??

Anyone got an answer?

To me, I think that either one can be used, right?

Anyway,lets try to translate them in Bahasa Melayu.
  • NO TASTING - Dilarang Merasa
  • NO TESTING - Dilarang Mencuba
From the translation, I think that 'NO TASTING' is suitable for food and 'NO TESTING' is suitable for other kot. Rasanyer la. This is just my opinion.

Post Countdown - Six more to go~

Correction of the Week

1. I am

Sentence: I so damn lazy right now...

Correction: I am so damn lazy right now...

2. Irregular Plural Form

Answers in green were my attempts last week. According to Cik Selampit, I got only 8/15 right answer. Hmm, need to work hard in the future. Nevertheless, the correction are in red color. Thanks to Teyha for the answer.

1) Calf - calves
2) Wife - wives
3) Life - life - lives
4) Leaf - leaves
5) Self - self - selves
6) Shelf - shelves
7) Wolf - wolves
8) Half - half - halves
9) Policeman - policemen
10) Loaf - loafs - loaves
11) Crisis - crisis - crises
12) Analysis - analysis - analyses
13) Ox - oxes - oxen
14) Fungus - fungi
15) Criterion - criteria

Okeh~ 7 more posts to go.

It is already at the end of February

My final sem is about to finish. Got one to two month left.

Hmm, am I really gonna miss IIUM? Ntah ler.

Because of all the hard time that my fyp is giving me, I really wanna grad as soon as possible but at the same time, I am actually feel really hard to leave the campus because there are also some memorable things that I don't want to forget. For example, Caklempong. I really love this club. I love to be a part of IIUM Caklempong Musical Group. Really gonna miss playing caklempong in the future. Tapi xper, I already told them that if they don't have enough people to play for a show, I will be happy to join them, Lucky for me since my home is not so far from IIUM.

K ar. I have to write 8 more posts to fulfill this blog's corum for month of Febraury.

See ya!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Hari Ni Yg Menggelabah~

Ah, hari nih ada presentation untuk progress fyp. Aku sangat2 tak bersedia. Pagi td sempat la aku bermain2 dgn software fyp aku yg agak membosankan tu.
Aku masih belom berjaya untuk mendapatkan 'docking score' yg rendah berbanding dgn yg before mutation. Ades.

Nak dijadikan cerita, aku pny turn tok present pkul 10.40 am. Tp aku suker kuar awal. Pagi td before 10.00 am pn aku dah kuar bilik. Mana la tau jd aper2 kan... Tiba2, memang jadi something pon. Aku dah kat luar meeting room, raba2 poket (poket sendiri, bukan poket org lain), alamak! Hampeh! thumbdrive tertinggal. Alhamdulillah aku perasan awal. Maunyer kalo time nak persent baru nak perasan, mati aku~

So, aku pon mula menggelabah. Terfikir nak menapak balik ke bilik. Ahh, jauhnyer~ Tiba2, Allah bagi idea, Alhamdulillah. Aku teringat yg kat bilik aku ada internet. Aku pon cpt2 menelefon Amir.

"Weh, ko tolong tgkkan tdrive aku. Ada satu folder nama 'FYP Progress'. Leh ko email kat aku?", aku menanya.

"Okeh2..", dia reply.

Nasib baik Amir dah bangun. Kalo x, ntahler. So sementara Amir mengupload file2 aku, aku pn mencari2 thumbdrive tok donwlond file2 tuh. Alhamdulillah terserempak ngan Rahim kat environment lab.

"Rahim, aku kol ko td. Nak mtk tlg sket, pinjam thumbdrive. Nak present, tp thumbdrive tertinggal"

"Okeh2, Amik ar.", katanya

"Nanti dalam kol 11 lebey aku pulang balik", aku jawab balik.

Ah, terima kasih Tuhan sbb kasi aku kawan2 yg x berkira untuk tolong aku. So, proceed balik. Selepas selamat mendonload file yg telah dicompresskan ke dalam bentuk '.rar', aku baru perasan yg kat lab E5 tuh xder Winrar. Ahh, turn aku lagi 10 minit. Cuak2~ Last2, aku ke E0 untuk mengextract dokumen2 tersebut. Berjaya.

Then, aku ke E5, berlari2 untuk present. Sampai2, Aina tgh present. Alhamdulillah. Turn aku belom lagi. Pas Aina, Izzah pulak present. Kagum ngan Izzah sbb berjaya buat 'docking' yg banyak dengan jayanya. Pas Izzah, aku pulak present. Sekali, nak bukak file jer,

"Ahh, x mungkin!", jerit batinku.

File word yg aku save dalam format '.docx'. Tak boleh bukak kat laptop yg disediakan. Kecewa. Sbb bukti aku sumer dalm tuh. So, aku proceed jer ngan power point yg aku ada. Aku mintak maap kat lecturer2 kat situ, cakap aku xleh show bukti sbb tak boleh bukak,

"I am sorry because I can't show you the figures because I accidently save the document as '.docx' and this computer can't recognize it".

Habis jer present ngan jaya + goreng2 yg hangus2, tiba la sesi soal jawab. Dr Elwathig pn ckp mcm nih,

"So, are you gonna bring your own computer next time?", dia perli.

Ah, sentap.

"No sir. I am sorry. I have learnt from my mistake. Next time I will check my file first", aku menjawab.

"Maybe you can just 'print screen' and paste it in the slides", he suggested to me.

"Ye la. Tau la. mmg nak buat pon tadi. Cuma xsempat jer. Sbb sebelum nih aku dah wat dalam Word. Xsempat nak paste dalam Power Point", hati kecilku menjawab. Hahaha!

"So, do you have any problem?", Dr Elwathig tanya balik.

"InyaAllah, in term of resources, I will have no problem since my project is dealing with computer and I just need to go through the internet if I need anything", aku jawab ngan konfiden.

"How about your software. You said just now, the license is expired. How?", di tny balik.

"Oh, Dr Ibrahim had taught us some trick we can just..."

".. Oh, just adjust the time. Okey2. I understand", dia menambah

"So, basically you are cheating", Dr Azura bergurau ngan Dr Ibrahim.

Satu bilik gelak.

"And.. Is it halal?", Dr Elwatig menambah.

Alamak, dah masuk bab halal2 plak. Mentang2 sorg supervisor aku, Dr. H. mmg kejer kat Halal Center.

Satu bilik gelak lagi.

"Ha, I...", aku terpaku. Last2, Dr Ibrahim backup.

"Actually, we had already install the licensed one in one computer and... bla... bla.. bla...", dia mula bercerita.

Hahaha! Itu jer pasal presentation tadi. Agak menggelabah dan to be honest, aku sendiri tak puas hati ngan progress aku. Aku kena lebih bersungguh2 selepas nih. Doakan aku yer.


Semalam Yang Menyampah! $#&^%&

Hmm, lama x post kat blog aku nih. Bukan malas. Xder masa jer. Kna fokus on midterm and FYP yg ntah aper2 ntah.

Stat2 post jer, rasa nak maki dah. @^#!#@.

Xder la. Aku agak geram jer. Smlm x leh jawab sgt Midterm Waste Management. Sepatutnyer aku boleh jawab, considered that aku ada byk free time sem nih (11 Credit Hour only),

but... tido + tido + caklempong + tv series + anime = Ahh~!

Aku x salahkan saper2. Aku salahkan 100% kat diri aku sendiri. Yer ar, sok ptg tu nak midterm, malam tuh siap tgk series 2 episodes skali gus. Ada bran? Pastu, sok pagi, escape kelas LOP. Buat kali ketiga. Hahahaha! Tgk2, sir cancel kelas terus sbb ramai x dtg. Ahh, sentap! Sori la sir, Saya actually sajer nak cukupkan corum 20% absence yg dibenarkan. Hoho!

Semalam, aku menanda kertas2 assignment Statics (subj. first year eng). Yg sakit ati nyer, beberapa budak ada solution scheme yg ntah mana dorg dapat ntah. Hampeh tol. Aku nak bagi markah pon susah. Xbagi kesian, kalo bagi kira unfair. Last2, aku tolak markah sket jer. Pastu bagi warning kaw2 punya at the end of thier assignment.

Kemuncak sakit atinyer,
aku teringat ada budak mengadu kat Lecturer-in-charge, cakap dia x dapat balik assignment dia. Masa lecturer tuh ckp kat aku mcm tuh, aku terpaksa la ckp, "I will look for it in my room", although sebenarnyer mmg xder. Tgk2, smlm time menanda assignment#5, terjumpa la kertas budak tuh yg baru nak antar assignment#3. Dia hantar assignment#3 skali ngan budak yg hantar assignment#5. Hampeh tol! Dah ar hantar lambat, cakap kat lecturer dia xdpt balik la. Siot jer. Yg paling siot nyer, dia copy bulat2 solution scheme tuh. Bongok tol. Kan dah kena maki ngan aku. Hoho!

Ni pesan aku untuk budak2 yg nak copy2 nih. Aku mengaku, aku pon pernah melakukan aktiviti copy mengopy nih. Tapi xder la copy blindly. Nak copy, guna la otak sikit. Jangan copy bulat2 jer. Bengong tol.

DAh ar. Until next post~

Saturday, February 21, 2009

LET'S GRAMMAR : Special for Aziz's Blog - CikSelampit

Cik Selampit give me some homework regarding "irregular plural form". Gonna try it now:-

To: Aziz

Write the irregular plural form of the nouns below.
You can answer it at your English blog. Try not to ask your frens or use any aids (alat bantu).

Selamat Mencuba!!

1) Calf - calves
2) Wife - wives
3) Life - life
4) Leaf - leaves
5) Self - self
6) Shelf - shelves
7) Wolf - wolves
8) Half - half
9) Policeman - policemen
10) Loaf - loafs
11) Crisis - crisis
12) Analysis - analysis
13) Ox - oxes
14) Fungus - fungi
15) Criterion - criteria

To Cik Selampit:

Above (in green) are my attempts. I don't know whether they are correct or not since you asked me not to use any aids.

Okay, please evaluate my answers teacher~

Cik Selampit said,

"Yang lain boleh cuba, nampak macam senang tapi susah jugak sebenarnya".

P/s -

Plural for "stuff" is also "stuff". I had corrected my tag line for my other blog (now become: aAziZ n tHe HOT sTuff). Thanks to weewee and teyha!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Staff or Staffs?

There is no such word as staffs ( staff with an 's'. Huh? Sound weird. Hahaha! ).

'Staff' can be used for both singular and plural. Full stop.

Me, Cultural team and COCU Week

I so damn lazy right now to write the caption for all the pictures below (plus got a tonne of work pending).

Yet, they said that the pictures tell the story itself. So, enjoy!

P/s - Some of the pictures were not really taken during the cocu week. Sajer menambah-nambah. Hoho!

Short of post!~

I did promise here that I will be posting something everyday and if I missed it, I will qada it later on. Today is already 19th of Feb and I short of 5 posts (see here). Adoila~

Wait, this is a post. Hahahaha! 4 more to go! Yeah!

run errands

Run Errands

Sources: Heroes - 316 - Building 26


A trip to get or do something, especially for something you don't really like to do or have to do for someone else. It's not like shopping!