Thursday, July 29, 2010

Introducing... Sherlock Holmes, 2010 Version!

Source - Sherlock (2010) - 101 - A Study in Pink

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Sherlock (2010)

Wah, agak lama juga aku tak kemaskini blog ni. Dianaktirikan. Hahaha! Kali ini aku nak cerita tentang satu siri TV dari BBC. Memang best la. Aku baru tonton satu episod pun sudah boleh teruja. Nama siri itu Sherlock. Ya, Sherlock yang Sherlock Holmes itu, tetapi yang ini versi TV Series punya.

Watak dalam cerita ini sama seperti yang dalam novel Sir Arthur Conan Doyles, cuma kali ini, Sherlock hidup di abad ke 21. Pandai guna smartphone kot. Dan yang paling best, dia suka ber-text messaging. Haha! Housemate Sherlock, John Watson juga ada dalam series ini. Juga organisasi Moriarty.

Nah, aku sajikan kamu semua satu deduction scene dalam episod pertama Sherlock. Senang nak difahamkan sebab ada visual aid kot. Sangat menarik. Lain daripada yang lain.

Baca lebih lanjut di sini.

P/s - Tetapi The Mentalist masih tetap di hatiku.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

That's Just Bloody Rude

Source - The IT Crowd - 201 - The Work Outing

When Dr House Is Annoyed

If you type "Google" into Google...

Source - The IT Crowd - 205 - Smoke and Mirrors

LOL! Poor Jen. She got played by Moss and Roy. Anyway, have you guys tried it? Typing "Google" into Google. But be careful, you might crash the internet. :p

Monday, July 26, 2010

Testicles and Epilepsy

Source - House M.D. - 512 - Painless

Epilepsy could cause chronic pain if it spreads to the sensory region of the brain, then rewires the pain neurons. Usually the seizures caused can be detected by EEG but difficult to if it is located at a place too deep in the brain, like the area that controls the muscles supporting the... testicles.

Kindly Google for more info. :)


Source - The Big Bang Theory - 303 - The Gothowitz Deviation

Type: Adjective

  • not likely to be true to occur or to have occurred ("an improbable event")
  • having a probability too low to inspire belief
  • too improbable to admit of belief
  • unbelievable
  • unlikely
  • unconvincing

Computer 101 With Moss, The IT Guy

Always try the basic troubleshooting first as described above. If you are like Brittany (see picture below), then, errr... I don't know. Flush your face into the toilet bowl? :p