Monday, September 12, 2011

Top Chef Just Desserts - 202 - Sweet Symphony

Episode #2 is up! Download the episode by combining the mediafire links below:-

Margaret Braun was the guest judge in this episode. She is an author, master cake-maker and sugar-artist extraordinaire. She baked some of the most beautiful cakes in the world, and even Oprah is a fan of her. Read here for more info.

 Some of her arts (and believe me, these are cakes!):-

Some of the snapshots in this episode:-

Friday, September 9, 2011

He Is So "What" In Whatever

Source - Awkward - 102 - Knocker Nightmare 

So gonna use this quote. Hehe.

Top Chef: Just Desserts - 201 - Showpiece

After receiving several number of requests, I decided to re-upload and share the links for Top Chef: Just Desserts - Season 2 on this blog. I choose to reup the episodes on Mediafire since the download speed from this host is quite exceptional in Malaysia. Here are the links:-

Join this files by using HJ Split Software. You can find it here.

You guys gonna like and be addicted to it. Leave comments to support me and if you wanted to discuss regarding the current episode. Enjoy the show.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Computer Says No!

Source - Little Britain USA - 101 - Episode 1

Meet Carol Beer.


Carol is a permanently bored and extremely unhelpful woman who works at various jobs requiring the use of a computer, such as a bank clerk, travel agent and hospital receptionist. Upon being approached by a customer with a very reasonable request, she will type this in to her computer and, upon discovering the request cannot be met, she will respond with a bored "computer says no." She is unwilling to use any human reason or common sense to help her customers, and will then cough at them to make them leave.

Opposite to Carol, during my job, I will try my very best to help any customer regarding their technical issue, with any possible mean that I have at that point. However, there are still some people which don't understand and straight away accuse that I didn't do my job properly. At that particular moment, I wish I can switch on my 'Carol' mode, and say to his face, COMPUTER SAYS NO! Haih~

When Life Gives You Lemon, Make Lemonade

They didn't make lemonade, but each of them had produced different varieties of desserts from one main ingredients, lemon.  

Lupa pula nak intro. Kali ini, aku nak bercerita tentang salah satu rancangan realiti favorite aku, Top Chef: Just Desserts. Sekarang sudah masuk ke Season 2 dah. Siapa-siapa yang belum menonton Season1 tu, sangat-sangat direkemen untuk kamu semua muat-turun. Atau, tonton saja di Channel 702, Diva Universal.

Nah, aku tatapkan kau orang semua dengan 10 hasil daripada contestants Top Chef: Just Desserts Season 2 ini:-

Kagum kan? Ini baru gambar. Serius, korang kena tengok baru korang rasa betul-betul impress giler! Banyak istilah bombastik dalam dunia chef sebenarnya. Pavlova la, meringue la, curd semifreddo, compode la. Satu hari nanti nak cari kamus tentang nama-nama desserts ni.

Bila tengok rancangan ini, mula la berangan nak belajar bidang kulinari masakan ni, fokus untuk desserts. Ada siapa-siapa tau tak mana boleh apply? Setakat ini, memang aku ada pergi kelas, tapi belajar dari rumah ke rumah la. Baru dapat buat tiga desserts jer: Praline, Pop Cake dengan Blueberry/Fruit Tart jer. Yang tart tuh pun dah lupa. Memang kena pergi kelas balik.Tapi kalu kita apply untuk Sijil/Diploma/Degree, baru bersungguh-sungguh sikit kan? :)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Four Stages Of An Actor's Life

 Source - Hot in Cleveland - 222 - Elka's Big Day

Victoria Chase is expressing her resentment about her acting life. From a nationwide, to just a local celebrity at Cleveland.