Thursday, December 31, 2009

Gara-gara menonton Final Destination...

Kepada sesaper yg penah nek LRT, mesti tau yg kat ujung skali kat dalam train tuh, ada tingkap yg membolehkan korg nengok view dari depan. Kat situ sebenarnyer ialah area utk technician2 LRT untk wat manual driving. Tp tuh bukan benda yg aku nak citer skrg nih.

Yg aku nak citer, ada la sorg dua mak bapak nih, giler berani letak anak dia kat atas panel tuh, konon2 nak dia dapat tgk view yg sgt cantik la. Selama aku kat situ, seram sejuk aku sbb takut2 anak dia tercampak ker, tiba2 train emergency break ker.. Paranoid giler aku kan? Ni sumer gara2 tgk Final Destination la nih. Daripada citer tuh, aku belajar bahawa eksiden leh berlaku bila-bila masa jer. Dalam rumah pon leh eksiden.

Tp Alhamdulillah. Xder aper2 yg berlaku. Budak tuh selamat jer. Famili dia turun 2 station awal dari aku. Tp, lepas tuh, korg tau x aper yg berlaku?

Famili lagi satu masuk LRT plak. Kali nih ada dua org budak kecik. Si Bapak nih, punya la berani, letak anak2 dia kat atas panel tuh. Aiseh! Aku baru jer nak menenangkan fikiran. Yg ni lagi scary punya. Anak2 dia siap berdiri lagi atas panel tuh.

Bahaya2~ Jgn la letak anak2 anda atas panel kat LRT tuh wahai bapak2 sekalin. Bahaya~ Mcm2 boleh berlaku. Hmm, aper2 jer la. Mayber aku yg terlebeh takut kot. Mak bapak dorg x kisah jer.

P/s - Nasib baik dorg x perasan aku curik2 tangkap gambar. Kang dorg ingat aku pedophile ker aper. LOL!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Nauseous or Nauseated?

  • type: adj
  • synonyms - queasy, sick, loathsome
  • Causing or able to cause nausea
  • Feeling nausea; feeling about to vomit
  • type 1: adj
  • Feeling nausea; feeling about to vomit
  • type 2: verb
  • synonyms - disgusted, churned up, revolted, sickened,
  • Upset and make nauseated
  • Cause aversion in; offend the moral sense of

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hitam Giler!


Sebelum aku start pasal post kali nih, aku just confius, naper post sebelum nih (Telefon Buruk Itu..) xder satu komen pon. Sentap siot. Nampak sgt peminat blog aku nih semakin berkurangan (si perasan ada peminat. ish, berangan jer) disebabkan post2 aku yg mcm hampeh. hmm. Aper2 jer la.


Time aku kejer kat Menara HLA (sebelum berpindah ke Ara Damansara), sempat la jugak aku gi melawat2 Pavilion tuh. Dekat jer ngan Menara HLA tuh. 5 minutes walking distance jer. Melawat la sgt. Aku sempat jenguk2 food court dia la. Agak best gak ar sbb ada mcm2 makanan. Jepun, Korea, Thailand, India.. sumer ada. Sumer ada cop halal. Harap2 betol2 halal la. Tapi a bit pricey. Ala, sekali sekali makan xper.

Aku sempat ar singgah kat Lavender Bakery. Roti2 nih halal. Jgn riso. Sempat la try2 beberapa roti dia yg agak sedap. Satu hari tuh, sedang aku mencari2 roti tuh, aku terjumpa satu jenis roti nih, yg sgt hitam! Tgk pic di bawah:-

Ingatkan hangus. Rupa2nyer dia letak bamboo charcoal powder kasi hitam kot. Ke-curious-an aku membuatkan aku membeli roti tersebut. Sajer nak rasa mcm mana. Hmm, sedap jer! X rasa pahit langsung. Best2 Kagum2.. Korg gi la beli. Try rasa. Dorg pon ada jual roti buku kaler hitam gak.

Ni roti2 yg aku x rekemen: Yam Cream Bread ngan Cheese Milk. X berapa sedap. Tak tau la aku x sihat ker aper ari tuh, tp bila aku makan dua2 roti nih, rasa muak plak.

Yg aku rekemen, korg beli Tuna With Chicken Floss Bread ngan Otak-Otak Bread. Yg roti hitam tuh pon rekemended gak. :p Gi try. Opposite Lavender tuh ada satu kedai roti gak. Nama dia Bread Story. Tp aku x sempat nak rasa roti2 kat situ sbb dah kena pindah ke Ara Damansara. Biler la pulak nak gi Pavilion nih?

P/s - Roti Boy still di hatiku. Xder aper2 roti lagi leh challenge roti nih. Bila nak beli jer, asik2 kena tungguh sbb org dah abes tempah. :(

I was late...

Sigh. I arrived at the office today a bit late. 5 minutes late to be exact. Lucky my Team Leader is on leave. Anyway, I spoiled my record already. Never came late before.

I went out from my house a bit late. Arrived at Kelana Jaya's LRT Station around 11.25am. I thought the next T607 RapidBus will be moving at 11.30am from KJ but it was not. Apparently they don't have any specific schedule that we can refer to. The journey from KJ's station to the office by bus is around 20 minutes. Today, the next bus just start moving at 11.45am. At that time, I realized that I will not arrive on time. Lesson learned! Next time, I must arrive before 11.00am. The thing is, I really hope that the RapidBus have specific schedule for all the journeys. Should I complain this matter to their careline?

Monday, December 28, 2009

And The WInner Of Survivor Samoa Is...

Caution! SPOILER ALERT! Not recommend for those who is still not finish watching or haven't watch Survivor Season 19 (Samoa) yet!

I don't know whether I'm happy or the other way round about the current winner of Survivor. The winner is Natalie. She was Foa Foa original. I did love her. I rooted for her at the middle of the season. I love her key move of the game, which was, conspiracy to vote out Nick at the beginning of the emerge. She was an honest player.

On the other hand, Russell (Evil Russell, also from Foa Foa) played the game damn well! He found three individual immunity idols which two of them he found without any clue. Really impressed by that! Plus, he a very good strategist. He shoot down anyone who was a threat to him and it worked! And I don't understand why other members of Foa Foa didn't dare to fight him. Most of them just followed what Russell said, to vote out the person that he didn't like. Pity Marrissa and Betsy. These were the two whose realized that Russell was an aggressive competitor in the game but both of them were voted out so early, thanks to Russell's evil plan. Monica from Galu found out Russell weaknesses after the emerge but it was a little too late. If she found out about Russell background a bit earlier, I bet Russell will not be in the top 3. Russell is a wealthy person. He kept the secret while in the game. Somehow Monica know about that and Russell was pissed off. He didn't want anyone to know about his background because he didnt want anyone think that he already rich enough and he didn't need the $1 000 000 prize.

Anyhow, personally, I think that Russell deserved to be the winner. Although his tactics a bit unacceptable (like throwing other people drinking water and burn Jaison's pair of socks and a lot more), but he really played the game. But then, Natalie, at most of the time, was only followed Russell's plan. She was just the fiduciary to what Russell planned. Anyway, Natalie won with a majority of 1 vote. Thank God none of the juries voted for Mich. He didn't do anything in the game. Just followed orders. Worse than Natalie. Russell a bit emotional when he didn't win the game. You can see tears in his eyes in the picture below.

Anyway, Russell didn't go home empty handed. Thank God he won the viewer's votes. He got $100 000. At least he won something.

Lats but not least, I really looking forward to watch the next season of Survivor. Season 20: Heroes versus Villains. I bet Russell will be one of the villains. Hopefully he will be on that season. Can't wait for 11th of February 2010 for the premier. Gonna download the episode immediately after some cool guy from US post the links.

Wah, today's post a bit long. But I bet, not many people will read it, other than those who is/was following Survivor 18: Samoa.

K ar. Tu jer.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Survivor Samoa Finale

Just finish downloaded the last episode. Gonna watch it tonight since I have to go to work after this. Sigh~ Anyway, really excited to know who will the the 19th person to be crowned as, Survivor.

To spoilers, please DO NOT post anything here okay. I beg you. :p

Saturday, December 26, 2009

New Hobby - Watching Stupid YouTube Videos

The title says it all. Yep. And I found this one channel from this guy named Ray William Johnson, he actually broadcasting his own video blog, and it is DAMN FUNNY! You guys should subscribe his channel. Simply click here to watch all his video blogs.

Here is one of his own episode, titled Ninja Squirrel:-

Ray, I'm promoting ur channel. Hope that one day my name will appear in one of your coming episodes. :p

P/s - Some of his episodes may contain words/phrases that might touch some sensitivity issue. I am watching it for fun only. Not that I consider all his words. Some I don't agree too.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Working During Christmas

I don't really want to, but since I already promised my Team Leader, so I have to. Oh Allah, please ease our day. I hope that I will not get any unwanted trouble on the day that I actually supposed to be off.

Anyway, I gonna drive to the workplace today, InsyaAllah, because I need to go for Friday Prayer. Since it is quite difficult to get a bus from the office to the other places, so I decided just to drive a car for today. The parking is quite expensive though. RM7. Yeah, like parking at KLCC. Hampeh.

I don't plan to park at the basement parking. I plan to just park at the side of the road because before this I saw a few people did it. Hopefully, no police traffic will come to summon la. Please la En. Polis, it's Christmas. Hehe!

Ok, matta ne! TTFN!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

RM8 for 5.70

Yesterday was my first day working at the new buliding at Ara Damansara. The day before, me and 3 of my colleagues plan to go to the new building together. We plan to meet at Kelana Jaya LRT around 10.00 to 10.15am and then, we'll ride the Rapid bus to the new building together.

I woke up yesterday at 6.20am. After subuh prayer, I surf the net for a while, updating my blog and so on. Then, I was very sleepy. I went to the bed for a nap. I set the alarm at 8.45am. When the alarm rang, I snoozed it for another 10 minutes. Know what happen? It was snoozed to another one hour! Oh crap! It was already 9.45am. Then, immediately, I smsed to one of my colleagus, saying that I couldn't join them. I asked them to go first without me. So serba salah. Coz I promised to them already.

I took a quick shower and breakfast. Then, at 10.15am, I went out from my house. I took a bus from my house to KL. Aiseh, that bus was kinda slow.. It took almost half an hour to arrive ( normally 15-20 min). Then, I took the LRT from Central Market. Sweating some more because of all the running. Alhamdulillah, I still got time to arrive on time.

When I arrived at the KJ LRT Station, I searched for Rapid T607. There was none at that moment. Hmm, I couldn't wait or I will be late. Then, I decided to take a cab from there. I asked the cab driver to go to the new location which I also don't know where at that time. I passed a map to him. Lucky he knows that place. When I was in the cab, I saw that there is a meter inside. I was relieved. I don't like to take 'teksi sapu' as they will charge you to according to their will.

When I arrived at the new building, the meter stated that I have to pay RM5.70 for the ride. Sigh~ If I took the Rapid bus, it will only cost me RM1. Nevermind. When I about to pay the driver said that the fare is RM8. I was like, what? "Kenapa pulak?", I asked him. He replied, "Because nanti balik, takder org nak naik, tu pasal u kena bayar lebih.". Dalam hati aku, "Mcm tu la pulak". Nak jer aku ckp, "How do you know that no one will ride ur cab? This place is not that 'ulu' you know. Got many people what". But I was not brave enough and since I was already late, i just paid the fare. RM8 for RM5.70. Sigh~~

Hmm, next time, gonna go out a bit earlier so that I will not miss the Rapid bus. No more "tidur after subuh" for me. :(

Telefon buruk itu

Nih satu lagi post aku yg berunsur "xder kerja".

Pic nih aku ambik time balik kejer, time tunggu bas kat depan KLCC. Nampak phone booths di atas? Mana satu yg anda pilih? Sy x pilih yg mana2 sbb saya sudah ada mobile phone. Berlagak siot~ Hahaha!

Terigat zaman dulu2, time mobile phone xder lagi. Masa duduk kat asrama, pondok telefon la menjadi tmpat aku stay connected with keluarga. Ada sesekali tuh, kena long queue panjang sbb sumer nak kol umah.

Teingat gak ngan "tips2" yg kononnya berguna semasa menggunakan pondok telefon. Pernahkah anda melakukan perkara sebegini:
  • Tekan butang '#' dan '*' serentak semasa dalam panggilan. Kononnyer ini akan mengextendkan period anda berckp dlm telefon walopon menggunakan amount yg sama
  • Beli kad telefon, and then, kat hujung kad telefon tuh, tebuk lubang, then sambung ngan wayar. Time buat panggilan telefon menggunakan kad, sambungkan wayar dari kad tadi ke butang '#' or '*'. Juga dipercayai dapat mengextendkan period anda berckp dlm telefon.

Pernah2? Kalo pernah, anda juga seperti saya. Tertipu ngan "tips" tuh. Macam mana aku boleh percaya dulu pon aku tak tau. Maybe dulu buta teknologi lagi kot.

Kalo korg nak tau, public phone skrg boleh antar sms woo. Aku pon baru jer tau. Tgk figure di bawah. Ada option "send sms" kat telefon hijau nih. La, x pelik sgt pon sbb skrg, telefon umah pon leh guna sms gak. :p

Cakap pasal sms nih, aku terjumpa satu adv pasal wat bisnes guna sms. Guna sms jer, then boleh dapat RM1000++ per day??! Mmg tipu sungguh. Kalo sesenang tuh, aku rasa, sumer umat manusia nih dok umah jer, main sms. huhu~ Aper2 pon, kalo anda mahu try, silalah sms ke nombor dalam adv di bawah yer. :p

Ok, nantikan lagi post2 aku yg mmg x ilmiah lagsung nanti ya!

P/s - Wah, rindu plak tunggu bas kat depan KLCC nih. Pasnih jarang dah ke KLCC sbb ofis dah pindah kat Ara Damansara..

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

We are moving!

Wah2, new office, new environment! Am I quitting my current job? No lah. I still working for Symphony. Jadi kuli batak. Hahaha! We will be moving to our new headquarter today. So excited to see the new building (not really excited to work though, as usual). Symphony's own building.

Before this, I was working at Menara HLA, Jalan Pinang, KL. Opposite to Pavilion, near to KLCC. At that time, Symphony just renting 3-4 floors for its operation. And there are also other Symphony's branches at different places in KL. For example, in KL Sentral, Damansara, etc. Also, for all of that places, Symphony just renting some floors for its operation. Now, all the employees will be placed under one roof, Symphony's own building at Ara Damansara.

Hmm, I have to go out from my house half to one an hour earlier than I normally did since the place is much further compared to the previous one. I have to take a bus form my house to KL, then LRT from KL to Kelana Jaya, then, another bus from Kelaja Jaya LRT Station to our new building.

Okay, matta ne!

P/s - I sill having the sore-throat. Forgot to buy Fishermen Friend yesterday, :(

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Uhuk Uhuk..

I'm having sore-throat today. It's killing me. So uncomfortable. And I keep coughing because of this. People might think that I got the aH1N1 desease. Nauzubillah. My own fault actually. I drank a cup of cold soft drink yesterday night.

Hmm, the cheap herbal sweets was not helping at all. Gonna buy Fisherman Friends tomorrow. Just to inform you guys, most of the cough medicine or lozenges got alcohol as one of the ingredients. Just try to avoid taking that kind of medicine/lozenges ya. For instance, Strepsils.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Aku x paham...

Aku x paham naper ramai sgt rakyat Malaysia skrg nih suka sgt tgk Sehati Berdansa. Bagi aku, tuh rancangan kedua teruk+gedik selepas Akademi Fantasia. Aku x penah suka dua2 rancangan nih.

Lg satu, aku pon x paham naper tenageers kat US tergila2 sgtkan kat si Miley Cyrus ngan Jonas Brothers tuh. Dorg bukannyer hebat nyanyi sgt pon. Especially si Jonas Brothers tuh. X best langsung. Arghh, x paham2.

Last2. Aku x paham naper org dok suka sgt kat High School Musical Aku try ar tgk skali. X best pon. Teringat kat satu episode dalam cartoon South Park, episode 1213 , tajuk "Elementary School Musical". Dorg pon x paham naper org2 suka nengok HSM tuh. Memang kena kutuk abes2an ar HSM dalam episode nih. Best2! Tgk ar preview kat bawah nih:

Tamama's Jealousy Ball!!

Post ini adalah serangan balas terhadap post Wee di sini yg menyerang post asal aku yang ini. Sila baca utk memahamkan diri anda dgn situasi yg berlaku terlebih dahulu. :p

Kepada saudari Wee yg dihormati, silalah terima serangan Jealousy Ball aku nih. Kalo x tau aper itu Jealousy Ball, maknanyer anda bukan kipas-susah-mati Tamama. Sila rujuk di sini yer.

Nah, tgk ar koleksi DVD Keroro Gunso aku nih. Boleh lawan koleksi keychain ko x? Berharga nih. Aku sayang giler. Skrg dah ada 3 boxes. Pasnih, bila ada duit sket, aku nak beli yg seterusnyer.

Pastu kan Wee, semalam aku jalan2 kat KL. Sekali terjumpa model watak2 Keroro gunso ar. Ala2 Gunpla yg si Keroro tuh suka wat. Tgk ar gambar di bawah. Nasib jer aku xder duit time aku kuar ari tuh. Kalo tak, aku dah angkut sumer bawak balik (sajer kasi ko jeles). Hahaha! Lokasi penjualan: rahsia. Carik sendiri. Hehehe!

Wah2, aku dah khatam anime dia sampai episod 129. Bilalah fansub nak kuar episode 130++ nih? X sabar plak aku. Ko dah khatam ker Wee? Hahahaha!

BTW, thanks sbb memperkenalkan video Keroro + Wonder Girls. Best weh. Nah aku post balik video tuh (ngan subtitle skali) utk tontonan umum.

P/s -
  • BTW, aku dah letak play list OST Keroro Gunso fav aku kat blog aku nih. Sila lah enjoy yer!
  • Terasa mcm kebudak2an pulak bila main lawan2 post nih. :p

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Suck It Up!

Suck it up Aziz. You don't like your current job, fine! Most of us don't like our jobs. Just bear with it for a little longer until you get your dream job. You need the money. You need to pay for your own living cost. You need to work rather than just staying at home, wasting your time, sleeping and surfing internet. Okay? Just be patient. Your time will come.

In the meantime, just do the best that you can do for your job. Don't just give up when you had made mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. We make mistakes so that we learn not to repeat the same thing in the future, right?

And remember, Allah is always with you. Don't ever forget to seek help from Allah. Don't ever forget your obligations to Allah.

Siri pesanan untuk diri sendiri dan masyarakat.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

At the wet market...

I run of idea to post something in my english blog. Let me just tell you guys about my boring story about me and my mom at the wet market (Pasar Tani) today.

We went to the wet market which located at Segambut, KL. A few years ago, the Pasar Tani was held every Saturday morning, at the parking lot near to PWTC. That was before they build the big hall called Dewan Tunku Abdul Razak, kot. Then after that, the Pasar Tani people had to move to Segambut to sell their goods and food, which to me, I don't have a problem with since it is very convenient and much nearer to my house and I don't have to face traffic jam on the way to PWTC anymore.

We first stopped at the Satay stall. My mom wanted to buy some rods of Satay for my cousin, which is actually from London. Yep. She's English. She is here since the last two month (i think) for this so called exchange study programme at University of Nottingham (Malaysia campus) at Semenyih, Selangor. My mom said that she loves eating satay very much. Typical foreigner's favorite food in Malaysia. They all love satay. Suruh makan durian, taknak. Haha!

They we stopped at this stall which selling Muslim frozen food. The pakcik already know my mom because she always buy something from him everytime we went here. At this stall, you can also get to buy Muslim made mee, and also variety of kuah perencah (how to say this in english) like perencah soto, kari and so on.

Then, we went to the fish stall. Hmm, until now, I don't know how to determine which one is fresh and which is not, but my mom is very expert on this.

Then we bought some titbits. Kerepek ubi and kerepek malinja kot. Sedap2!

After that, my mom asked me to put all the things in the car and wait for her while she went to buy some veges and other items.

Before I leave the wet market, I bought a beg of fried mushroom. Yumm!! Oishi! Love to eat this. It was quite expensive though. A beg cost RM2.00, which contains 5-6 fried mushrooms. Hmm, xper2. Sekali sekala.

After that, we went back home. What a boring story! I bet a standard one student can write better than this. Me and my limited vocabulary. What a shame.

Ok la, till next time!

Lets Go To The Wet Market

Today, I can't sleep after Fajr Prayer. It is a good thing. As Muslims, we are actually not encourage to do so. Hmm, I gonna accompany my mom to the wet market this morning. In Malaysia, we normally called it as "Pasar Tani".

Hmm, gonna find "fried mushroom" at the Pasar Tani. Yumm2. It was so long ago since the last time I bought it.

After going to Pasar Tani, I plan to go somewhere to enjoy myself. Not decided yet. But I really need to lose all the stress that I got from work. I don't really like my job. It is very stressful. Dealing with many kind of customers. Sigh~

Friday, December 18, 2009

Pekopon Shinryaku Ondo

Nah, layan OST Keroro Gunso nih. Agak best gak ar. De arimasu!

Tooi hoshi kara yattekita aoi chikyuu ni yattekita
nani shi ni yatte kita
kyou wa kocchi de kero kero (kero)
asu acchi de giro giro (giro)
asatte wa docchi nanda
oyakudanzetsu ano ko no haato natsuyasumi no shukudai
odotte norikire bondansu mizugi wa bikini da bondansu
pekopon shinryaku ondo

Shirazu shirazu no uchi ni gokinjou san no uchi ni
kitto sumi tsuiteiru
otonari san de kuru kuru (kuru)
omukai san de doro doro (doro)
tamama wa hairikiranakatta (hidoi desuu)
seisekifushin undouonchi kankeiketsuretsu
odotte gomakase bondansu sukaato ha mini da bondansu
pekopon shinryaku ondo

Kibatsu satsubatsu tenbatsu habatsu
omaru hanamaru nihonmaru
odotte kaiketsu bondansu
minna de kyoumei bondansu
pekopon shinryaku on

To Wee: Tamama Impact!! Kikikikiki (Gelak jahat Kururu)~~~

P/s - Aku tgh memantapkan ilmu2 berkenaan ngan anime nih. Sgt best baca Macam baca buku citer Twilight. Hahaha!

Perkara Annoying Pada Hari Jumaat..

Haih, time kat masjib kawasan umah aku td, budak2 bising nak mampus kat level atas. Ntah aper yg diborakkan dorg. Pasal BEN 10 ker aper, borak ar pas sbyg jummat weh. X bek wat bising adik2 oi. Yg remaja pon lebey kurg gak. Hampeh sungguh. Kurang pahala Jumaat.

Aku nak carik dalil pasal hukum berbuat bising time khutbah, tp tak jumpa. Saper2 tau, silalah letak kat komen yer.

P/s - Teringat zaman kecik2 dulu. Ada sorg pakcik nih, tukang jaga org wat bising. Kalo bercakap, sure kena marah punya. PAstu dia suruh pengawas yg ada berdekatan utk ambik nama. Aku penah kena sekali. Heheh!

Hmm, what I gonna write for today..

I have to write something or that Aziz guy will kick my ass. Damn him. Haha! Nothing special today. Today is my off day actually. I just spent the last 4 hours for sleeping (after Subuh prayer of course).

Then, watching Keroro Gunso, my favorite anime for now! I love all the stupid jokes in the anime. And all the characters are very cute and funny too. I like Tamama the most because of his dual-personality character. You guys should try watch this anime. Just search it in You Tube and you guys will find tonnes of episodes there.

Okay, I gonna continue downloading this anime. I already watched till episode #119. Downloaded till episode #125. The anime is still ongoing and the latest release is episode #210++.

Mari Beli Tudung....

Aku gi teman mak ngan makcik aku shopping (jadi driver jer sbnarnyer). Then, sambil2 tunggu dorg membeli tuh, aku ternampak satu kedai nih, dok promot tudung2 dia dgn meletakkan kepala patung bertudung seperti di bawah nih:

Aku perasan, setiap kali makcik2/akak2 lalu, mesti berenti jap tgk tudung2 yg dipakai oleh patung tersebut tuh? Adakah sbb cantik or murah? Hmmm..

Anyway, nama kedai tuh Muaz Textiles. Terletak bersebelahan ngan Semua House. Belakang Jalan TAR. Katanyer, dorg menjual tudung/scarf dgn harga yg paling murah. So, kpd adik2 manis or akak2 or makcik2 yg nak beli tudung murah dan agak cantik (dia kata, bukan aku kata...), silalah ke Muaz Textiles yer.

Ape la motif aku wat post nih. Nampak sgt xder idea nak post. Sekadar mengupdate. :p

P/s - En Muaz, silalah bayar komisen kat saya sbb promot kedai encik yer... :p

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Post A Day!

Hey Mr Aziz, listen to me. I need u to update your English blog EVERYDAY! By hook or by crook! I don't care how u gonna do it but I better see something on your blog or else! I can see that your English is getting worse already.

Don't give any excuses. Penat la, got no time la, aper la.. Just post something. At least a sentence. You don't have to write a long story. Okay.

I hope that you are clear about this, okay?

Feel like x betol. Cakap ngan diri sendiri. Haha!

Malaysia World Marching Band Competition

Time aku balik kejer, mcm biasa la, aku akan tunggu bas kat depan KLCC tuh. Tp semalam, aku terkejut plak, naper tiba2 ada road block kat Jalan Ampang tuh? Aiseh, bas tak leh masuk ker? Macam mana aku nak balik umah?

Aku jalan2 ke depan sikey, rupa2nyer ada parade! Street Parade and Marching Band Competition. Patut la ramai org berkumpul. Ingatkan ada perhimpunan Bersih ker aper. :p. Aku pon pi la tgk. Ramai org siot! Xnampak ngan jelas aper yg berlaku. Terpaksa aku panjat kerusi.

Mcm best gak ar marching band nih. Teringat aku kat zaman aku ngan group Caklempong dulu. Haha! Tiba2 jer kuar Caklempong. Ye la, Caklempong pon alat muzik gak. Best2. Korg tgk ar video yg x berapa best yg sempat aku record guna henset aku yg x berapa canggih nih:

For more info pasal Malaysia World Marching Band Competition nih, korg leh click kat sini. Tp kat website tuh, dia letak KL Marching Band Competition. Mana2 jer la..

BTW, ada saper2 yg berminat nak tgk Grand Finals competition nih, Sabtu malam? Kalo ada, jom weh, kita pi sekali.

p/s - Last2, aku terpaksa jalan ke depan sket utk tunggu bas. Pastu lewat sampai umah sbb tertinggal bas yg awal. Padan muka aku. Anyway, aku enjoy performance tuh. X nyesal2...

Perkara Annoying Yg Dialami Oleh Cik Oren

Hua2. Nampaknyer semakin ramai org dok letak perkara2 annoying yg berlaku dalam hidup dorg kat blog. Nih, aku jumpa satu post dari blog Cik Oren.

Ada 9 perkara annoying yg Cik Oren bungkuskan sekali gus. Personally, aku suka no. 3, 5 dan 8. Korg gi baca ar weh. Memang pedas punya!

Aku dah mintak kebenaran dia utk linkkan post tersebut kat sini. Klik sini untuk baca.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Perkara Annoying Yg Berlaku Semalam... Dalam Bas!

Panas nih! Aku sebenarnyer nak citer semalam, tp pas balik kerja, penat pulak. Malas nak update. Ok, citer dia mcm nih. Aku on the way pi kejer pagi smlm. Naik bas. Then, ada satu moment tuh, ada sorg pompuan, nak turun. Diulangi, seorg perempuan, nak turun. Dia pon bangun, then nak tekan loceng. Time dia nak tekan loceng tuh, aku ternampak sesuatu yg mengejutkan. It's something BEYOND GELI okay! Nak tau aper yg aku nampak?

Okeh2. Sabo2, nak bg tau la nih. Jeng Jeng Jeng! Aku ternampak bulu ketiak siot! OMG!!!!!!!! Hampeh tol. Nasib baik aku x mengunyah aper2 dalam bas smlm, kalo x, mesti termuntah punya! Hampeh punya pompuan. Nak pakai baju sleeveless, pi la cukur ketiak dulu. Geli siot! Trauma aku.

Hmm, nasihat aku, utk kaum2 hawa, tutupla aurat anda. Utk yg bukan muslim, kalo nak pakai baju sleeveless pon, pi la cukur bulu ketiak dulu. Pastu jgn lupa pakai deodarant yer. Bye!

Ingin menjadi yg pertama untuk mengetahui "Perkara Annoying" yang terbaru?

Taip ANNOY ON dan hantarkan ke +60193749835.

Tertakluk kepada terma dan syarat.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Post grad life... Part 2

Kepada saper2 yg belom baca Part 1 lagi, sila click di sini.

Hmm, where am I? Hmm, meh aku citer sket chronology hidup aku pas kuar dari UIA bulan 6 lepas.. Sila hayati.

June - Interviews for biotech-related position

Hmm, bulan nih, aku dapat dua interview kat syarikat bio yg agak best gak ar. Tp, disebabkan oleh pengalaman aku yg sangat kurg dalam skill2 berinterview, aku x berjaya mendapatkan any position daripada dua2 company nih. Sedey kan? Xper2. Aku masih belom give up terhadap ko wahai company Bio yg demand. Haha! So, aku move on jer la.

Pastu, at the end of this month, aku join satu job trening nih, nama GEMS. Aku dah penah citer sebelum nih. Korg baca la kat sini yer. Malas nak citer balik.

July, August, September - Sime Darby Management Apprenticeship Program (SD MAP)

Tgh2 aku kat GEMS tuh, aku gi ar interview untuk SD MAP, sebab kononnyer masa depan lebey cerah, tp hakikatnyer, aku nak elaun yg lagi byk. Haha! Aper2 pon, pas seminggu dari date aku interview, aku dapat call, kata aku berjaya gi program tuh. Mula2 tuh, aku agak hesitate ar jugak nak pergi, sbb kat GEMS mcm dah best dah. Ramai kawan. Last2, aku pergi gak, walaupon dgn berat hati.

Selama aku kat SD MAP tuh, byk jugak la aku belajar. Soft skill training sebulan, kat Palace of the Golden Horses sgt berkesan. Bukan sbb dok hotel, tp aku dapat build up confidence masa aku join prog nih. Lepas sebulan trening utk soft skill, aku telah diberitahu utk meneruskan on-job-training kat Perak. Untuk project padi Sime Darby.

Sebelum aku ke Perak, aku ngan member2 len kena gi Carey Island dulu, kat Banting utk induction course. Korg bace la kat sini utk lebey lanjut yer.

Pas 2 minggu trening pasal kelapa sawit bagai kat Carey Island tuh, aku ngan member2 yg sepatutnyer pi Perak pon berlepas. Mula2 tuh, mmg excited giler ar. Baca post aku pasal minggu pertama aku kat Perak di sini.

Selepas dua minggu kat Perak, aku mula mempersoalkan kerelevenan aku berada di situ. Aku tak tau aper yg nak kena buat kat situ. No specific instruction from my boss. Then some more, there is no specific workplace for us. We have to sit and share in the meeting room for the whole year. No computer access and lastly, selepas aku godek2 rahsia tempat aku practical tuh, aku dapati bhw hanya ada satu jer position yg available. Kitorg kat Perak tuh ada 4 org. Sorg tuh mmg tau aper yg dia buat kat situ sbb degree dia mmg berkaitan. Aku yg blur2 nih, hmm, mcm xder harapan jer.

Actually, the main reason is aku x minat la kerja kat situ, Xder passion at work org kata (Haha! Alasan..). What's the point kalo aku stay and aku x nak perform? Buat rugi masa aku ngan company tuh jer. Last2, aku pon mengambil keputusan utk blah dari tempat yg x berapa best tuh.

End of September

Pas aku blah dari SD MAP, aku reapply utk BeST Programme (Biotechnology Entrepreneurship Special Training). Aku pi la induction dia untuk seminggu, then, selepas seminggu, dia kata dia akan postpone program tuh until selepas Raya. Aku pon, ok kan jer la.

October - November

Bulan kegawatan ekonomi peribadi aku. Aku punya la tunggu2 BiotechCorp tuh, janji pas raya. Sekali x der aper2 progress pon. Skali dapat email yg berbunyi begini:

"Dear BeST Candidates,

Due to unforeseen circumstances, our management has decided to postpone the registration of Biotechnology Entrepreneurship Special Training (BeST) Programme. We will notify all participants once we acquire the date."

Agak down gak ar aku. Beberapa kali gak ar dia postponed. Ada sekali tuh aku reject job offer sbb dia kata nak start dah. Sekali dia postponed balik. Hampeh. Nasib bek job offer tuh x berapa best sgt. Awal2 bulan October tuh, aku still lagi boleh bersabar. Then, tgh2 bulan tuh, aku dah stat pokai. Aku pon mengambil keputusan utk apply jer balik mana2 kerja yg available kat jobstreet. Jadi teacher ker, tutor ker, lab assistant ker, and customer service exec.

Last2, in the middle of November tuh, aku dapat call daripada satu company nih, suruh pi interview utk position "Customer Service Exec.". Aku pon, tanpa rasa ragu2, pergi la interview tuh. On the same day oso, BiotechCorp hantar email, katanyer, akan stat program 30 Nov. Siot betol la BiotechCorp nih . Time aku apply kejer, time tuh la plak dia nak antar email kata nak resume program tuh balik. Selang beberapa hari tuh, aku dapat call back drpd company tuh, kata aku pny application is accepted.

Aku jadi berbelah bagi. Ake mintak beberapa pendapat daripada kawan2 yg paham situasi aku. At that moment, aku mmg perlukan duit. Aku nak join BeST program tuh gak. Tp aku x nak ar bila aku reject job offer tuh, sekali, BiotechCorp pon postponed lagi program tuh. Hmm, last2, pas wat Sbyg Istiharah, aku pon mengambil keputusan utk bekerja jer dulu utk jawatan yg x glamer tuh utk sesuap nasi (poyo giler ayat). Aku taknak ar dok umah, habiskan beras mak aku jer.

Pastuh, aku mulakan hidup bekerjaya starting from 19th of November. Rasa rugi sikit, tp aku dah wat keputusan. Nak cari duit dulu. Aku kerja sbg "Customer Service Exec". Nama mcm hebat jer kan? Tp kerja jawab telefon jer. Tp ada beberapa sbb kenapa aku pilih utk buat kerja nih:

  1. Aku betol2 nak cari duit. Walopon nature kerja tuh x berapa best, tp gaji dia tinggi gak ar. Ni sebab utama aku pilih.
  2. Company tmpat aku kerja tuh, company yg dah byk menang award utk customer cervice and recognized internationally. Nama company tuh Symphony Group. Korg leh baca details kat sini.
  3. Tempat aku kerja tuh accessible to public transport.
Tp aku x plan utk stay lama kat company nih. Aim aku still utk kerja kat mana2 company Biotech. Aku still teruskan usaha utk apply kejer kat company Biotech but at the same time, aku boleh collect duit. Hopefully, next year, bila economy dah stat pulih, byk la company biotech yg nak hire pekerja. BTW, kepada member2 aku yg dah kejer kat company yg bio-related, kalo ada kosoong, bg tau la ek. Aku mengidam nih. Haha!

K ar. nanti aku citer pasal kerja baru aku nih. Tensen gak ar sbnrnyer. Ingat senang ker nak jawab call. Kalo ada degree pon, belom tentu korg leh wat.


Iklan jap.

Kpd sumer kwn2 Biotech sy yg masih belom bekerja/takder aper2 nak wat, join la BiotechCorp BeST Programme. Search kat Jobstreet dgn keyword "BIOTECHNOLOGY ENTREPRENEURSHIP SPECIAL TRAINING (BeST) PROGRAMME". Dateline: 16th Dec 09. Cepat2!

3 bulan classroom (english + lab skills + business), then 6 month ojt at Biotech related company.

(actually, other disciplin pon bleh apply, Science (Biotechnology / Health Sciences / Agricultural Sciences / Life Sciences) Engineering, Business Administration, Law)

Post grad life

Malam td aku dok belek2 satu website nih. Then aku terjumpa satu link movie tajuk Post Grad. Mcm best jer. Aku pon download. Terus tgk.

Citer dia xder la best sgt pon, tp sbb jalan citer dia, pasal seorg graduan yg grad time recession, somehow reflect aku punya hidup skrg nih. After graduation, kena balik duduk ngan family (it is a good thing though), pergi interview yg sgt banyak, melontarkan janji2 palsu kat employer-to-be, and so on. Yang aku paling tertarik, dia punya life plan pon lebey kurg mcm aku punya gak. In fact, aku rasa, sumer org punya life plan pon mcm nih. Tgk ar kat bawah nih:

From number 1 to 3, sumer dah dilakukan. Skrg tgh tunggu nombor 4 jer. Samer mcm main character dalam citer tuh, aku pon ada target to get a dream job daripada company tertentu. Aku punya target is to get a biotech-related position in an established biotech company before the mid of next year. Tapi aku sedar, in this recession period, x banyak biotech related company yg nak offer job utk fresh grad mcm aku nih. Most of the company is freezing the need for new hiring until the economy is back normal and stabilize.

Menyedari keadaan tresebut, aku pon telah mengambil keputusan utk bekerja dalam aper2 sector, biarpon kerja tuh x glamer mana pon. Aku kerja sbg aper? Adakah sebagai buruh paksaan di kilang kicap terkenal? Nanti aku citer yer.

Selamat Pengantin Baru

Wah2, dua org kwnku akan mendirikan umah tangga hujung minggu nih. Congratz to Siti Zalina dan pasangan dan Nik Aiman Afiq dan pasangan. Semoga korg berbahagia ke akhir hayat.

Sori ar tak dapat datang. Kejer ar. Huhu~