Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Britannia High - Start of Something

Ape kebendanyer Britannia High nih? Britannia High is the British TV musical series produced by ITV. The genre is almost the same as High School Musical but the flow of the story is different la of course. You can google for more info, coz here i just want to write about one of the song yg agak best from the series. I had already watched 5 episodes of this series and some of the songs memang best especially the opening song of the series ni, "Start of Something".

Nah, I give you all the video, the lyric and the mp3. BTW, the lyric also quite menarik. Ada unsur2 motivation sket. Sangat2 sesuai utk mereka yg berhadapan dgn suasana baru mcm kat tmpat kerja ker, baru pindah umah ker, etc. Best! Selamat menghayati! Hohoho!

Now i know where to go
I'm not following the crowd but theres so many faces staring at me
I'm not going with the flow
I've gotta wave goodbye and say hello
to unfamilliar circumstances

I'm gonna start believing in myself
Its up to me and no one else
Im feeling

This could be the start of something
I can feel my heart is jumping
Want to walk but cant stop running
I cant stop running

Good to be a part of something
Once upon a time was nothing
This could be the start of something
This could be the start of something good

Lifes a b****
lifes a mess
its tryna find your way its not so easy
Its not the way it looks on TV

I'm fully clothed
But still undressed
Like i'm walking on the highest wire
without a safety net below me

Ain't another place i'd rather be
Listen to the voice inside of me
That's shouting

This could be the start of something
I can feel my heart is jumping
Want to walk but cant stop running
I cant stop running
Good to be a part of something
Once upon a time was nothing
This could be the start of something
This could be the start of something good

Good to be where i belong
Its just so good to belong
Maybe this time is the one (time is the one)
Maybe this time is the one time ive been waiting for too long

This could be the start of something
I can feel my heart is jumping
Want to walk but cant stop running
I cant stop running

Good to be a part of something
Once upon a time was nothing
This could be the start of something
This could be the start of something good

To download the mp3, click here
(To download, right click on the link, choose "Open In New Window" and wait until your download link is processed by Mediafire File Host.)

Friday, December 26, 2008


Hmmm, got nothing to do today. Bosannyer...

Actually, I planned to download some tv series today, but apparently, computer lab at E5 (Engineering block for biotech student) didn't allow me to donwload anything by using Internet Download Manager. Don't know why. Quite hampeh. Penat jer walking all the way from mahallah to engineering.

Now, since i got nothing to do, i just post this entry. Sajer suka2. Plus, i can practice my English here.

Talking about English, yesterday, I just met my friend who already graduated from IIUM and currently working for Petrosains with salary of +-RM 2800. Giler byk kan untuk fresh graduate. Dia dapat jadi Junior Executive Officer lagi, or something like that. He said that in his working environment, everything must be done in English. Macam UIA la. Even the meeting, business lunch, all in English. Aku dah cuak. He also said that, he was interviewed by the Director of Petrosains (i guess) for about one hour, chit chatting in English. Abes la. Kalo aku la, aper la aku nak cakap2 ngan Director tu in that one hour. Hush!

K ar, maybe I need to post more in English after this. Aper2 pon, i want to say sorry in advance to all BENL students yg hebat2 english, yg terpaksa bc post aku dalm English yg kelam kabut nanti. Hahaha! Tata!

P/s - I don't have any class on Friday for this whole semester (Finally...)! Yeehuuu!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

An Award For me? Ish, Susah2 Aje

Got this award from Emiratez about a month ago. Haha! Baru nak wat.

Ni org2 yg aku rasa patut ambik award ni:

  1. Kak Nana
  2. Fairuz a.k.a Chazz
  3. Anuar
  4. teyha!

Okeh, bergembira la ngan award tuh yer.

Eh2, jalan jam la kat entrance UIA..

Jem ker jam? Who cares! Hahaha! Aku nak citer bnda lain ni, bukan spelling error.

As you can see dalam gambar yg blur nak mampus di atas (hope u can actually see it), kerete2 beratur panjang kat jalan yg nak menghala ke entrance UIA tu. This picture was taken last night, dalam nak dekat kol 11 malam. BTW, smlm aku ngan member2 (Epul, Zahid, Syuk, Syam) aku gi Jusco. Ada la sket beli aper2 yg patut. Huhu!

Yg aku nak citer kat cni, jam tuh punya la panjang sampai ke trafic light dpn International School tuh. Ntah aper ntah yg Pak Guard tu check. Dah la lama. Tersekat kat ctu jer dalam 15 minutes.

Then, bila sampai turn kitorg nak masuk, tgk la aper yg Pak Guard tu nak check. Pastu, aper yg berlaku actually, Pak Guard tuh bukan check sangat pon. Check sticker jer kot. Sbb time kitorg, dia bg salam jer. X check org kat dalam pon. Huhu!

Tapi, aku kan mulut gatal sket. Aku nak lepas geram sebenarnya. Then, aku cakap kat Pak Guard tuh mcm ni,

"Woi Pak Cik tua, aper kes jam2 nih! Kitorg penat shopping nih! Nak balik mandi, tidur semua!"

Hahaha! Xder la. Tu lawak semata-mata. Aper yg aku cakap adalah seperti berikut,

"Pak Cik tua, xder kejer lain ker? Nak saman2 student jer awal2 sem. tau la duit org baru masuk! Perlu la nak saman2. Cari la kerja lain. Gi tolong tukang kebun tu siram pokok ker.."

Hahaha! tipu lagi. Ok2, serius, ni yg aku cakap,

"Pak Cik, kat belakang tuh dah jam panjang dah.."

Pastu, boleh tak Pak Guard tu reply cam nih,

"Biarkan jer!"

Boleh x?! Duh?! Dah la aku naik kete ngan Diva. Kalo Diva tu meletop mcm mana? Aku tak nak terlibat. Hahaha!

Whatever. Dia menyebabkan jam panjang kat belakang tuh. Boleh repot polis trafic nih. Baru tau nanti.

Ok la. Tu jer cerita pendek aku stakat nih. Malas dah. Chow Chin Chow!!!

Do Not Touch That Fish Or...

I snapped this picture because i think it is so funny but interesting. Read what it says:

I was like, what? Seriously? Hahahaha! Giler ar theory dia. If you touch the fish, it will die. Touch jer, bukan nak genggam kot. Haha!

This picture was taken at one of the cafe in male mahallah in UIA. Which mahallah? It's a secret. Kalo bg tau, malu la makcik cafe tuh. Huhu! BTW, is there any people yg nak pengang ikan dalam kolam kat cafe? Eeeyewww!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Final Semester, Here I Come!

To Mr. Final Sem, get ready for my comeback. I will try my very best to excel in this semester, InsyaAllah. Sem ni kena rajin2 sket. Kalo x, nanti nyesal.

Hmm, this semester, i will only have 4 more subjects to be completed, with total of 11 credit hours:

  • Language for Occupational Purposes - 2 Credit Hours
  • Project 2 - 3 Credit Hours
  • Waste Management Engineering - 3 Credit Hours
  • and, another elective course, which to be determined later in this week (xleh nak add lagi sebab ada technical problem) - 3 Credit Hours

A bit relax, don't you think guys? Haha! Ok la tu, as my reward sbb dah bertungkus lumus for the past three semesters (Ambik 20 ch for Sem 1 07/08, 20 ch for Sem 2 07/08 and 18 ch for Sem 1 08/09).

Macam nak apply jadi tutor jer sem nih? Huhu! Tgk la kalo rajen.

K ar.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Salam Aidiladha!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my readers, Salam Aidiladha!

Pengorbanan memang akan diperlukan dalam melakukan satu2 perkara. So, don't hesitate to sacrifice if you want to be success in you future life. InsyaAllah akan berjaya!

K ar, nak balik ni. Jap lagi kna tunggu Bas Metro 91/ Rapid T231. Ntah ada ke tidak. Hoho! Tata!

P/s -
  • Maybe blog aku ni pon in hiatus mode (sampai bukak next sem..), sama ngan kak nana! Haha! Sbb kat umah xder tenet. U Mobile aku pon wat hal. Something wrong with the connection at my residential area. Nak kna call balik org2 U Mobile tu (call lagik. Ish!)...

And The Result Is...

Some of u might think that i gonna post my Sem 1 Examination result but sorry to disappoint you guys, not in a million years! Hahaha! Here, i want to talk about my 3P Exam result.

Alhamdulillah, i managed to pass both 601 and 602 exams. Bestnyer! And now, I am a Certified IT Technician. FYI, to be a certified IT Technician, I need to pass both exams. If I fail in either one, memang sedey la.

As you can see from the above diagram (click pic to enhuge), I got 745 for 601 exam and 885 for 601 exam. The total score for 601 exam is 900 and for 602 exam is 1000. In percentage, i got 82.8% for my 601 exam and 88.5% for 602 exam. The summary is as follows:

Exam 220-601
  • 745/900
  • 82.8%
  • Passing score - 675 or 75%
Exam 220-601
  • 885/1000
  • 88.5%
  • Passing score - 700 or 70%.

Hush, nak kata exam tu senang x jugak, nak kata susah pon xjugak. Suam2 la. Passing score tinggi tu, 70-75%. Yg 601, walaupon tu essential exam for IT technician, tapi, time exam ari tu, most of us rasa exam tu susah. Ramai jugak la yg failed exam nih. Sian dorg. Kat bawah ni contoh sok lan yg senang ngan yg susah sket:

Yg susah

Yg senang

Masa nak ambik exam 601 tu, Ya Allah, betapa nervous yer aku. Serius! Lagi nervous daripada ambik final year exam biotech. Sbb kitorg ambik exam gn computer (satu makhluk yg xder perasaan walaupon korg hanya perlu 1% lagi untuk lulus) and result will come out as soon as you click the "End Exam" button. Macam ambik driving exam la. Time nak tekan "End Exam" tu, kena pikir dua tiga kali. Takut and malu la kalo fail. Nanti sumer org tau. Tp, Alhamdulillah pass.

Utk exam yg 602, x nervous sgt. Sbb dah practice and the questions were predictble. Plus, dia repeat soklan yg sama. So, aku x teragak2 utk tekan "End Exam". Hahaha! Ada org tu, 15 minute jer dah siap. Giler hebat!

Time ambik exam tuh, ada gak yg failed. Kesian kat budak2 yg salah 1 - 2 soklan jer. Alhamdulillah, org2 Prestariang tuh baik and dorg might be kasi budak2 tu utk resit exam next time. Ye la, rugi jer sbb xpass satu exam.

FYI, cost tuk satu exam tu ialah +- RM 600 tau. Kitorg ni, kira MoHE support la. K ar. malas nak type dah. Kat bawah ni pic attedance aku.

Haha! Xder ponteng siot!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Kursus Asas Kusahawanan Siswa (Siri ke-16)

Kat cni aku nak citer pasal Kursus Asas Kusahawanan Siswa (Siri ke-16) yg aku join dah nk dkt sebulan yg lalu. Tapi citer sket2 jer la. Malas la.

80% aktiviti during this course ialah mendengar ceramah. Tepu weh. Dari kot 8.30 am till 10.00 pm, ada 4 slot ceramah. Hmm,meng-hangguk la. Ada satu hari tuh sampai 5 slot. Adus! Agak bosan gar ar. Tapi ada gak part2 yg interesting and beneficial. Bila aku dgr lecture2 tuh, baru aku tau yg ada byk prog entrepreneurship utk kita, graduan2 uni. So, bila dah grad, kalo xnak menganggur and berminat utk join bidang2 keusahawanan, gi la approach mana institusi kewangan like MARA, Bank Rakyat, Suruhanjaya Pembangunan Ekonomi Desa (SPED), Yayasan Tekun NAsional, SME Bank, MeCD and many more. Use Google for further details ek. Malas nak tulis.


Nih gambar2 hotel tmpat kitorng menginap. Nama hotel tu Hotel Impian, Morib. Satu bilik leh muat 3 org. Aku dok ngan Fiza ngan Syuk. Perasan tak yg air kolam tu hijau? Lawa kan. At first, aku ingat yg air kolam tuh memang disengajakan warna hijau. Then, baru tau yg actually air tu kurang bersih (diberitahu oleh En. Latiff, Officer-in-charge for this prog). Maybe kurang chlorine kot. No wonder rasa dia semacam jer bila aku mandi. Pic no tiga ke kanan tu menunjukkan yg kat belakang hotel tu ialah Selat Melaka. Xleh nak gi pantai pon. Tembok jer memanjang.


Lawatan ke Kilang Kerepek + Minuman Gas ngan Pusat Penternakan Cacing. Hebat gak ar pakcik yg de kilang kerepek tuh. Dia ada +- 50 org pekerja, termasuk pekerja asing. Haha! BTW, kat cni gak ada wat air gas. Kat cni la aku baru sedar yg air bergas tu memang x berkhasiat langsung. Perisa tu actually daripada powder yg berwarna, yg dicampurkan ngan air gula, and then, topup with air ngan letak gas CO2. Ish2. Memang xberkhasiat lansung. Minum la jus ek pas nih. Haha! Pasal tmpat bela cacnig tuh, kat ctu dorg bela cacing tuk dapatkan najis dia utk baja organic. Plus, cacing tu sendiri akan diexport ke luar negara as one of the raw materials for cosmetic industry, as protein source actually. Tu, yg korang gn utk cuci muka tu, maybe dia ada gunakan cacing. Haha!


Hari2 terakhir porgram. Dapat sijil, tangkap gambar. Makan lunch wat kali terakhir. BTW, makanan2 kat cni memg sedap.


In conclusion, kursus nih memang sangat berguna utk student yg akan grad or yg sudah pon grad (walaupun aku in the first place xnak pegi kursus ni dulu. Haha!). Next time, kalo ada lagi, join la yer. try check availability or this course with En. Latiff and Sis. Nora, kat STAD, divison Student Development kot. Aku xsure la bila ada lagi. Maybe at thee end of every semester kot. Pg la check yer.

P/s - Hish, susah tol nak adjust2 gambar nih. Nih first time aku susun2 gambar dalam bntuk collage. Lawa gak wat mcm nih kan? Haha!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Mengumpat?! I'm Sooo Done With It!

This post is written to show that i am soooo done with backbiting. Cukup la. I have to admit that i was also involve with kegiatan umpat-mengumpat ni but mostly, benda yg aku umpat tu btol. Tapi pikir2 balik, walaupon bnda tu btol, tapi still dikira mengumpat gak. Plus, kebanyakkan bnda2 yg mengumpat ni, aku dgr daripada org, bukan aku yg stat dulu, but it still considered that as backbiting gak. So, aku di sini, mengambil pendirian untuk mengelakkan diri aku dari kegiatan yg x bermoral ni dan juga menjauhkan diri aku daripada mereka yg suka melakukan atviviti sedemikian.

Allah mentioned in the Surah al-Hujurat, verse 12 (as above), that mengumpat is like u r eating the flesh of ur own brother. Hmm, xnak aku makan lagi dah daging2 manusia yg nampak sedap di luar, tapi akhirnya merana diriku sendiri (aper pny ayat daa...). Memng la, sumer org suka the juicy thing ni, knowing about other people dirty laundry, tapi, tu la, dugaan hidup. Kena cuba melawan hawa nafsu ni.

Dah2, jom la kita jgn mengumpat! Say NO to mengumpat. Wat dosa tambah dosa jer. Cukup2 la tu. Kita tak tau brp lama kita hidup lagi. Cm aku nak ingatkan lagi sekali. KAt Surah al-Hujurat tu dah terang2 tulis dah.

Nak ngumpat gak? Lantak korg la. Aku dah malas nak involve.

P/s - Want to know more about mengumpat? Click here, or here, or here, or here... (Please try to read all, especially for those who want to avoid themselves from backbite anymore)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

IRAZIZ, Masa Untuk Bertukar!

Rasa macam nak tukar template jer
Patut ker?
X patut!
Ntah ler.
Tgk ar nanti kalo rajen.

Aku, Cuti dan 3P

Haha! Mcm terlambat jer nak citer pasal 3P ni. Sbb nak abes dah pon. Hahaha! What da heck, aku nak citer gak sbb ramai org tny aku, per aku wat time cuti nih?! Aper aku wat kat UIA cuti2 ni? Ada kelas ker time cuti ker? Nah, bace la korg post ni. Malas nak explain panjang2.

3P ni actually short form untuk Program Pentauliahan Professional. As korg boleh baca kat banner di atas (click pic to enlarge or to go to 3P website), it is one of the Certification Programme. 3P ni actually collaboration between Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) ngan Prestariang (jgn tny aku naper nama dia mcm ada riang2... Hoho!), company yg arrange course ni. Korg leh Google jer utk tau lebih lanjut pasal Prestariang tuh.

Aku pon actually x berniat pon nak join 3P nih. Tapi rummate aku, Amirizal yg yg inform aku pasal programme ni and since aku rasa aku xder nak wat aper time cuti ni, aku pon join jer la. At least nanti aku ada something nak add dalam resume.

Bila terserempak ngan member2 kat UIA time cuti nih, ni soklan lazim yg sering ditanya (kira spot question la...);

"Ko wat aper kat UIA cuti2 nih?", tny member aku.

or bila YM ngan saper, dorg tny mcm nih;

"Ko wat per time cuti nih?"

Aku pon ngan selamba menjawab;

"Aku der kelas la.."

Pastu sumer org yg tersebut mesti tny mcm nih balik;

"Kelas aper time cuti2 nih?"

Hmm, meh sini aku nak explain. 3P ni kan Certification Programme or dalam Bahasa Melayu nyer, Program Persijilan. Ranking Certification mengikut pemahaman aku for tertiary education adalah seperti berikut:

~ Certificate ~ Diploma ~ Degree ~ Master ~ PhD

Hmm, macam tu la. Since Certification programme ni one of the tertiary edu, so msti la ada kelas gak utk diattendkan. Huh, tension weh kelas ari2 from 9am to 5pm. Nasib baik Comp Lab ada access tenet. So leh aku YM and donlod aper yg patut. Wait, walupon aku donlod2, tapi aku still bagi 70% perhatian dalam kelas. In fact, aku jer yg slalu jawab bila lecturer aku tny soklan. Haha!

FYI, kitorg siap ada exam lagi tuh. Utk progamme yg aku ambik, i.e. Computer Technician, ada 2 exams, CompTIA 601 and CompTIA 602. Td baru jer abes CompTIA 601. Later aku akan citer pasal exam td. Surprise2. Haha!

K ar, hopefully aku clearly explain kat korg pasal aper yg aku wat time cuti nih. BTW, as stated before, dah nak abes dah pon 3P nih. Sabtu ni last day. Haha! Pastu raya. Yeay!

K ar, malas dah nak taip....

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The World's Shortest Fairy Tale

Haha! Got this joke, emailed by Nasir (click here to visit his blog)

Once upon a time, a guy asked a girl "Will you marry me?"

The girl said, "NO!"

And the guy lived happily ever after and went fishing, hunting, played lots of golf, watch lots of movies and farted wherever and whenever he wanted.


P/s - Moral of the story is, a guy can do a lot of activities without a girl around. Hahahaha! Jgn marah, nanti kena jual!

YouthSays - Malayisa's Largest Youth Opinion Community

Salam. I just got invited by one of my friend, Amirizal (click here to know him better) to join this sort of community called YouthSays. Jom la join. If you hardworking enough, you may get tonnes of money from this community. Here what it says:

Everyday, you say something.

You SMS, chat online, and talk to your friends and family.

What if you got rewarded for your say?

More than 50,934 young Malaysians and I have been active in this community and I thought you would want to check it out.

How does it work?
  • Get paid when you take surveys, as it helps businesses and society serve you better.
  • Meet like minds and influence others as you discuss your interests, current issues in the group discussions.
  • Get more readers for your blog, as you broadcast interesting statistics of young Malaysians.
  • Help young Malaysians with their questions. Or ask one of your own!

It's actually quite addictive and you can earn money too. The last I checked, members have earned a total of RM 72,305. You have to see it for yourself!

Click the link below to join:

Marjorie yg Racist and Discriminating Fat People!

I took this scene from one stupid sitcom (but damn funny) called "Little Britain". You can google it for more info.

This scene is about a "Fatfighter"'s Instructor, Marjorie, discriminate one of her trainee, which is also an immigrant from Mexico. Oh, i feel sorry for all the fatties who attending her class...


P/s - This is just for fun ok. No offence to all the fatties out there.