Friday, October 17, 2008


Hmm, so many things to say but so damn lazy to type. Hahaha! Malasnyer nak menaip. Xtau naper org len leh ada byk masa utk menaip kat blog dorg. Giler hebat mereka nih (Oren, Kak Nana, faza, adlan, chazz... etc). Baca la blog2 dorg ni. Msti terpegun. Hmm..

Actually i'm a bit jealous when i read their blogs. Giler rajen menaip. Plus, u guys even type it in English.

To write my post in English? Hmm, sound familiar. Check it here. Hahaha! That was one in thousands of my janji palsu. However, as u can see, i am trying here.

Dah la. Got lazy already. Plus, after this, i have one test to do, Matlab Test. What is actually Matlab test? Owh, u don't want to know. Trust me.

Hoho! Roger and out!


myadlan said...

adoi.. ape ke hal nye hebat.. biase je.. aku akan komen dlm bahasa melayu je.. hehe

btw kalau rajin, ada org boleh blog lebih 3 post setiap ari.. aku yg malas ni cuma update 3 post seminggu je..


aku pun sama.
kerajinan dan kekerapan itu subjektif.
ada orang ada idea, tapi tak ada masa.(aku)

ada orang ada masa tapi tak ada idea (kau).

dan ada juga yang tak ada idea dan tak masaa..(mereka).

so, just blog at your own convenient.

bahasa? also depends on your own keselesaan berekspresi. pikir la sendiri.

nurainaakabil said...

ajis..u nie buat i malu..
ahahaha..godik ner matlab jmaat ari tuh??ada oke?

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