Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dinner + Twisties

I just love to have my meal with snacks. For example, Koew Tiaw Goreng Mamak and Twisties. Sometime I even eat my Nasi with Twisties. Sedap.

Weird right? Ntah ler, maybe because I used to eat Nasi with Fish Crackers (Keropok). But then, at my hostel, there is no Keropok. Hmm, I have to have something crunchy in my meal. Then, I improvise a little, eat with Twisties (or SuperRing) instead.

Anyone love to try? Sedap~ Hahahaha!


Chazz said...

Geez, that's not weird at all! I also do that especially when I got bored with the everyday meal... but yeah, having it with fish crackers are wyyyy delicious but twisties and Super Ring is fine too ^^

Ir A.Aziz said...

Wah, are you serious? I thought I am the only one who eating like that?

I guess it is not weird la since ada someone else yg buat mcm tuh gak.

Sedapkan? For me, I prefer to eat with Twisties (Cheese and Tomato), Super Ring and any type of Potato Chips. Yum2!