Saturday, February 28, 2009

Engitex '09

To be honest, this year Engineering technology Exihibition (EngiTex) was a little bit boring. Sorry if anyone get offended by my comment but this is the truth. Maybe because of the budget limits, the managements. Oh, I don't know.

My roomate was devastated because he is about to enter the Exporace (not a typo, mmg EXPOrace) before it was canceled for the reason of not enough participants to make it as a race. Another friend of mine said that up till last night (Friday, the night before the race), only 4 groups were registered for the race. Hmm... What happen? Last year, there were about twenty groups that joind the race. My group (with Fiza Hanif) was one of it. Hmm, lack of publicity I guess?

About the PC Fair, oh wait, actually there is no PC Fair this year. So sad.. My roomate (read his post about PC Fair here) and I was very excited to go to the PC FAIR (or what they called as DigiTex Fair this year), and unfortunately, it was not there. The so-called DigiTex Fair was just consist of 4 to 5 booths (see pictures below) that they just place at the CAC's pantry, near to the place where the LAN Party was held. 4 to 5 booths only? It was not even a "fair".

However, there are also some positive aspects that I found throughout the Exhibition was held. First of all, during Autogala, there were some Suksis reprentative that control the entrance of the outsiders. The outsiders without proper dress will not be able to enter the spectacle. The committee even place some banners about the dress code. Bagus2. This year, they were more sensitive in term of Islamic aspects.

In addition, this year, the EngiTex's committee had organized a Photography Workshop. Something different compared to previous year punya EngiTex.

Hmm, whatever it is, there are still some room for improvement. Yg baik jadikan tauladan, yg buruk jadikan sempadan. Yg tak cukup, tambah lagi bagi cukup in the future.

Dah ar. Malas nak merepek panjang2.

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