Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ha Chiummmm!

What will you do if you are about to sneeze in the public?
  1. Just let yourself sneeze. Nobody would care.
  2. Cover your face with your hand
  3. Quickly grab your handkerchief/facial tissue and cover your face, then turn your face to other direction from the public.
What will you do after you sneezed?
  1. Do nothing. Proceed with anything that you are doing at that time
  2. Say, "My Bad" or "Sorry"
  3. Say, "Alhamdulillah" + "My Bad" or "Sorry"
What will you do if you heard/saw people who had just sneezed?
  1. Don't care.
  2. Walk away to prevent yourself from the bacteria + bau
  3. Pray for him, "Yarhamukallah (Semoga Allah SWT memberimu rahmat)"
Hmm, obviously, for every question, no 3 is the best answer. But how many of us really did that?

Please, cover your face when you are about to sneeze. A lot of virus (plus the smell) will be spreaded if you don't do that.

Do you know that one of the duty for a Muslim to another is to pray for other Muslim after he/she is sneezed?

Teringat masa tgk American Idol baru2 ni. Paula Abdul (one of the judges) terbersin, and then she said,"My Bad". After that, Kara, (another judge) replied, "God Bless. God Bless".

Even org putih pon buat. Naper kita org Islam susah nak buat. Hmmmph~

Renung-renungan dan selamat beramal.


Emiratez said...

Bukan Yarhamukallah ker? Aku pun x sure...

HamiWeeRAé said...

eh nk mncelah jgk la.. ak pon rase yarhamukallah gak.. kalo xclap la..

Ir A.Aziz said...

@ Emiratez $ HamiWeeRAe - Aah la. Korg betol.. Yarhamukallah. "Rho", "Ha", "Mim" - Rahmat. Betol2.

Actually aku pon sebut "Yarhamukallah"/ Tapi yg "Yahhamukallah" tu aku copy dari satu website. Bahaya weh copy2 x check nih. Hoho!

Aper2 pn, Thank you2~

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