Thursday, March 5, 2009

I Saw Someone... Or Something.. Huh?!

It was already 10 minutes pass midnight.
I went to the garage,
which located at Block E,
of Mahallah Ali,
to inspect my friend's motorcycle,
which he left,
and told me to look after it.

On my way back home,
I saw someone,
He was sitting,
at the center of the futsal court,
doing nothing.

I looked back once.
Then I looked twice.
What was he doing?
Sitting alone at the center of the court,
after midnight?
Was he,
frustrated because of something?
Was he,


Was he, really a 'he'?
Or an 'it'?



Just kidding. That was a guy, talking to a phone, i think. Probably searching for a privacy, to talk to his girlfriend or something. I didn't really care. I just walked by him. By the way, my room is just near the court and it wasn't dark at all at that time. Nothing to be scared about.

Anyway, this is a true story. The guy really sitting alone in the middle of the court. Huhu~ Scary ker? Nah~!

P/s - Teringat kat citer 'It' zaman dulu2. Seram wo~


CikSelampit said...

aku pun ingat kat cerita IT
fenomena tul masa tu.
kita dajah 2 kalo xsilap.

Ir A.Aziz said...

@ CikSelampit - Cerita tu psycho giler! Aku mimpi ngeri kot tgk citer tu. Teringin nak tgk balik citer tuh. Nak tgk, aku takut lagi ke x? hahahaha!

PrincessLiJo said...

(1) Kalo sekali baca mcm seram laa..
(2) baik giler ko gi check moto..bagus2!

Ir A.Aziz said...

@ PrincessLiJo - Seram ker? Huhu! Maknanyer aku berjaya la mencompose story. Huahuahua!

Rajin, aku terpaksa~ Hahaha! Xder la, member aku mtk tolong. Dia xder kat cni. So, kna jengok2 sket.