Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Is This Tyra Banks?

Look carefully at the picture below. Is this Tyra Banks?

She look terribly ugly, right? Hahaha! Actually this picture was captured in one of the scene in the latest episode of Gossip Girl, 'Gossip Girl - 304 - Dan De Fleurette'. Tyra is one of the guest star, other than Hillay Duff who also starring in that episode. She appeared as 'Ursula Nyquist' a larger than life actress, who will work with Serena.

See her acting below. Please drop some comment too, okay.

Watch more screen-captured scenes at my english blog. Click here.


teyha! said...

mcm medusa

Najla Shuhud said...

Aziz, aku rindu giler nak tgk citer GG & Supernatural episod yg baru.. Engkaula source aku selama ni.. huhu sadis2..

Ir A.Aziz said...

@ teyha - Tu la. Buruk kan. LOL~

Ir A.Aziz said...

@ Najla - Sian ko.. Tgk kat YouTube la.. Kalo ada..

angels of the moon said...

gile plek kan muka tyra dlm gg nih?
weird gile. (-_-'')