Saturday, December 19, 2009

At the wet market...

I run of idea to post something in my english blog. Let me just tell you guys about my boring story about me and my mom at the wet market (Pasar Tani) today.

We went to the wet market which located at Segambut, KL. A few years ago, the Pasar Tani was held every Saturday morning, at the parking lot near to PWTC. That was before they build the big hall called Dewan Tunku Abdul Razak, kot. Then after that, the Pasar Tani people had to move to Segambut to sell their goods and food, which to me, I don't have a problem with since it is very convenient and much nearer to my house and I don't have to face traffic jam on the way to PWTC anymore.

We first stopped at the Satay stall. My mom wanted to buy some rods of Satay for my cousin, which is actually from London. Yep. She's English. She is here since the last two month (i think) for this so called exchange study programme at University of Nottingham (Malaysia campus) at Semenyih, Selangor. My mom said that she loves eating satay very much. Typical foreigner's favorite food in Malaysia. They all love satay. Suruh makan durian, taknak. Haha!

They we stopped at this stall which selling Muslim frozen food. The pakcik already know my mom because she always buy something from him everytime we went here. At this stall, you can also get to buy Muslim made mee, and also variety of kuah perencah (how to say this in english) like perencah soto, kari and so on.

Then, we went to the fish stall. Hmm, until now, I don't know how to determine which one is fresh and which is not, but my mom is very expert on this.

Then we bought some titbits. Kerepek ubi and kerepek malinja kot. Sedap2!

After that, my mom asked me to put all the things in the car and wait for her while she went to buy some veges and other items.

Before I leave the wet market, I bought a beg of fried mushroom. Yumm!! Oishi! Love to eat this. It was quite expensive though. A beg cost RM2.00, which contains 5-6 fried mushrooms. Hmm, xper2. Sekali sekala.

After that, we went back home. What a boring story! I bet a standard one student can write better than this. Me and my limited vocabulary. What a shame.

Ok la, till next time!

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