Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rejection Hurts

Ini bukan post berunsur cinta.

I have been waiting for this letter since two weeks ago, after my third stage interview with IIUM-UIA for an academic position at Center for Foundation Studies IIUM (Yeah, third stage. My first stage was last year, somewhere in October). I was excited at first, but the excitement didn't last long until I opened the letter.

"However, we regret to inform you that your application has not been successful". This is the last sentence of the main content of the letter. What?  I failed?! Again! 

It was my second time being rejected, after I had passed certain main stage of an interview. The first one was when I applied for KPLI. I passed the first round, but then failed afterwords. This time, although I didn't get my hopes high, it still hurt as much as the first one.

Rejection hurts. No, rejection sucks. Nevertheless, I have to admit, a part of the failure was because of myself. Overconfident much maybe. 

As much as I wanna feel sad right now, well, it'll just be a waste of time. I have to move on.

Third time is a charm? Nah, I think I'm done! At least for this moment.

So, what's my plan after this? Hmm, just gonna concentrate on my current work, give my 100% efforts, though I don't really like the nature of the work itself. I have to suck it up. Whatever it is, I am planning to further my studies (in education), for the upcoming intake in September, InsyaAllah.

P/s - Orang yang failed audition Akademi Fantasia, pastuh nangis-nangis, memang drama. It is not the end of the world. 


^^nu[dd]yra^^ said...

oit ajis....hohoho...ak dah klik butang follow....btw, dont be sad2 ok....member aku pon ader yg mcm ko...dah interview but still x dipanggil2 utk job n dia x keje smpai skrg...atleast ko ader keje lg kan skrg....hmmm....jgn bputus asa ok !

Ir A.Aziz said...

@ nadirah - aku pon dah follow ko. thansk for the support weh. ZTu la, seb bek aku x tender notis lg. Kalo x, menaggur la aku. Hehe. Thanks weh.

kurita said...
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Nur Adibah said...

Rilex Ajis. Don't be sad. Ak pn pernah rs mcm ko ms x dpt KPLI aritu. Tros x nk appeal mcm yg Malin wat. Ntahla. Mmg xd ati da. Mayb ade rezeki ln utk ak. Ak pn plan nk sambung master tp x terapply2 lg ni. Haish...

Ir A.Aziz said...

@ Dibut - Eh, Malin dapat KPLI lepas appeal ek? Ingatkan x boleh appeal. Hmm.

Weh, ko confirm ke nak apply kat Johor? Jom ar UPM/UM?

hannaH said... lis when u experienced rejection byk kali,nnt2 ko jadi lbh kuat..aku doakan sumthing better for ur future.

Ir A.Aziz said...

@ hanna - tahnks for the support. nampaknya, x dpt la aku nak belanja ko grand2 seperti yg dijanjikan tahun lepas. Hahaha!

Tp xper, bila ko mai KL habaq mai. Bleh kuar outing ker. Aku belanja la sket2. Sekadar mampu. Hahahaha!

AiniNoraini said...

Kite senasib.
Jom ah apply academic trainee main camp pulak.. Kot2 ada rezeki kat sana.. :)

Nur Adibah said...

Ajis, sorry lmbt reply. Bru terbuka gmail ak. hihi. Ye Malin appeal. Die fax kat maktab yg die g iv tu kot. Skang ni tgh wat kpli kt maktab kt perak tp x tau kt area mane. ak nk aply area johor je. Senang nk blk rmh. Phm2 le ibu ak x bole dok rmh sorg2. Kalu dok kl, jauh sgt. Ko nk amik course pe?

Miss Marliana said...

aziz, tumpang rasa "sux" tu... huhu~ nway, dont give up. segala kejadian tu ada hikmahnya..kan? =) pray u succeed in anything tht u do. ganbatte neh!! xD