Sunday, February 23, 2014

Shila Amzah - A Moment Like This (Chinese Version)

I'm staying up all night right now listening to Shila Amzah, singing Chinese songs. It was all started when one of my Facebook friends share her latest video on the timeline.

I couldn't share Shila's latest appearances here as it is only available on Facebook for the time being. However, as I went through YouTube, I found this one video of Shila's performance that I love very much from the first time I listened to it. She performed "A Moment Like This", originally sang by Kelly Clarkson, in Chinese! It is actually the theme song of the Chinese Idol. Love it! Amazing! Incredible! Powerful! Did I said I love it?

Here's the video. Happy watching!

Download "Shila Amzah - A Moment Like This (LIVE at Shanghai Dragon TV's New Year's Countdown)" mp3 here.


Found the latest appearance. I don't understand the lyrics but I think Shila performed it awesomely (proven by the crowd's expression). Maybe my Chinese readers can share their opinions in the comment section below.

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