Thursday, March 20, 2014

#Glee100 - Brittany S. Pierce is back!

...well, at least for the 100th episode. Not sure she'll be with Glee for the rest for the final season.

Yes, I do watch Glee, but mainly during its first three seasons. I rarely watch it now because I don't like the story-line after those original members graduated and the new characters and their back stories not that appealing to me (Blaine, Unique, Marley and even Sam to name some). And Mr. Shue's pep talks in almost every episode are deadening as hell.

I'm so glad that they decided to bring back the main Glee club members. My favorite is not that full-of-herself Rachel Berry, or that gay kid Kurt Hummel, or even Santana (I love her before, when she was a bitch). My most favorite glee character is Brittany S. Pierce! She's a banana! Dumb, literally insane but but also entirely well-meaning and kindhearted. She has her own online talk show called Fondue for Two. She also has a cat named Lord Tubbington.

She's now one of genius in MIT (not sure how that happened) and very good at, well, guess what?Quantitative Algorithm! *whatever that is* Maybe she was a genius before but she was just pretending to look dumb, living the easier life. 

Download the Glee's 100th episode on Firedrive here. Just click on 'Continue to File' on the top and then the blue colored 'Download File' button.

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