Saturday, April 5, 2014

Shila Amzah - Xiang Ni De Ye (The Night Thinking of You)

Congratulations to Shila Amzah for getting third place in the second season of 'I am a Singer' competition! I am so proud of her. You have the real talent, Shila. 

So here is the final result of the competition:-
  1. Han Lei
  2. GEM
  3. Shila Amzah
Read more here.

If I'm not mistaken, when she first entered the show, her initial target was to be in the Top 3. It seems that she achieved it. All the hard work is finally paid off. Considering that she was competing with some of the major and well-known talents in China, number 3 is really an accomplishment! It is something for us to be proud of, as she was indirectly representing Malaysia on the show. 

She had performed a number of memorable songs throughout the competition. But my favorite is as the one below,  Xiang Ni De Ye (The Night Thinking of You). It is a very emotional song. Although not related to my real life, I really enjoy listening to it. 

Download 'Shila Amzah - Xiang Ni De Ye (The Night Thinking of You)' mp3 or listen to the music online here.

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