Tuesday, April 8, 2008

There gOes tHe FiNAL eXam!

Huh, Finally, semalam abes gak final exm aku. Lega rasa walaupun aku rasa mcm boleh wat lg baik utk final (biasa la ni, dah abes br nak nyesal).

Berikut adalah summary pasal final exam aku:-

1) Engineering Ethics - Hmm, ok la. Tapi last minute punya study membuatkan aku rasa nyesal yg amat sangt kalo xdapat result yg best utk subj yg senang ni. Padan muka aku!

2) Cell & Tissue Engineering - Hmmm, what should i say about this subj? One word, HAMPEH! Nyesal tak study btol2. So much to read and little time to study. Need to really pay attention in the class next time bcoz Dr. Raha seriously loves to ask the question from what she said in the class. For those who haven't take the subj yet, make sure you 'll attend all the classes and write down all the things she said.

3) English for Academic Purposes - This exam was held on the same day with Cell and Tissue Eng. Hmm, of course la I didn't pay much attention on this subject cause i hv to spend all my time to memorize and understand (more to memorize i guess...) for Cell and Tissue. However, I managed to study all the technical aspects for EAP which includes the quating, paraphrasing, synthesizing and summarizing. During the exam, Q 1 and 2 (Pemahaman and Summary) were ok to me since it deals more with the technical things but for Q 3, which is the argumentative assay, i think i did really bad... How bad is it? It is like when I doing my essay for English Level 2 in matrics. Gosh! I was focusing too much for my introduction until i hv to struggle with time to put my points together for the arguments. Bad time management! Next time, do the isi for the karangan first, then the intro and the conc. however, my carry mark for this subj is ridiculouslygly good (not to boast okay...). I was worried about my Class Presentation for this subj and hmm, luckily, Madam Zarinah is really a kind-hearted lecturer. If you do what she want, she'll gives you good marks. Hahahaha!

4) Decision Science - Hmm. Subj ni actually sangat senang if you buat all the exercises available in the text book. However, again, because of me being damn lazy and loves to do things in the last minutes, this subj turn to the pain in the ass. However, i think i did really well if compared with my mid term and test#1 and #2. Really happy. But i don't know whether i nailed it because my c.mary for this subj was quite bad. huhu!

5) Biochemistry II - One word. Memorizing! Hmm... memang penat amek biotech ni sbb semua nak kena hafal. Ni salah satu subj yg memang kna hafal. Hmm, thanks to Abby (my hardworking classmate), i was able to get all the hints that were actually supposed to come out for the exam. Alhamdulillah, more than half of the hints memang masuk dalm exam. Hints tu actually aper yg medam tekankan dalam kelas. Aku pn ada tulis dalam notes, tapi x perasan. Alhamdulillah mlm sblum exam tu, i did call Abby, and then, baru perasan all the things that i wrote down in the class.

6) Transport Phenomena - Best subject ni sbb carry mark pn best. However, kalo carry mark tinggi pon, it doesn't mean that you can do well in the final unless if you really study. Hmm, untuk subj ni, aku sbnarnya memang dah wat nota and tinggal nak study jer. Tapi biasa la, sbb malas, aku neglected it. I was really being focused on the day before the exam was held (the exam was actually at 2.30pm). Hmm, nak compressed semua dalam half day? Quite impossible... Again, menyesal!

7) Bioseparation - Ni subj yg palng tader mood aku nak study. Hampeh tol. Maybe sebab last paper and sumer org in the mood to balik kampung. Mintak2 dapat more than half for the final.

Hmm, actually ada lagi dua subj yg xder final:-

8) Percussion Skills - Hmm, main kompang, darabuka, gendang. Aku rasa aku boleh skor subj ni. Bukan sbb aku terer main, tapi sbb aku participate in the class kot. huhu!

9) Seminar II - Ni subj paling loser. dah la just 0.5 Credit Hour, tapi kena jumpa lecturer 8 times or more for the 10 minues presentation only. Quite hampeh. Lagi2 kalo dapat supervisor yg x menyenangkan hati, Prof. S. (bukan nama sebenar...).

Hmm.. Ini jer lah sdikit sebanyak pasal subj yg aku amek sem ni. Total Credint Hour was 20 (banyak la jugak utk budak engin...). Hope u enjoy my luahan perasaan. Kalo enjoy, letak la comments. Huhu.

Okay, see ya in the next post!!

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