Monday, August 4, 2008

It Has Been A While

Huh! Lama giler x post. As you can see, i changed my layout to a funky new one. Hahahaha! Just used someone punya yg dia share dlm tenet. Mls nak wat sendiri.

Actually, i planned to change the header of my old template only. But then, the codes and the images used by the creator of the template were a lil bit confusing and then, i just decide, 'Why not using a whole new template?' Hah! Ini la hasilnyer.

Pastu, this new template used XML Code, which is used for new blogger template setup. My old one guna HTML jer. Benefit of using the new XML setup, nanti bila2 nak tambah add-ons, can easily add them at the option available in LAYOUT setup. Kalo yg guna HTML codes, kena edit code2 la bagai. Malas ar.

Walaupon aku guna template org len, I still have to edit it a bit so that it will not look so girlie. Kalo korg tgk kat gambar pokok tu, actually ada love2 kat situ. Eiew, so keperempuanan. Then, i had to edit it a bit, covered all the love2 with some brush (but left one or two. Haha!).

K ar, hope korg sumer suka layout aku yg baru ni. Dengan layout yg baru ni, aku pon harap aku akan rajen lagi post byk2.


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