Monday, December 22, 2008

Final Semester, Here I Come!

To Mr. Final Sem, get ready for my comeback. I will try my very best to excel in this semester, InsyaAllah. Sem ni kena rajin2 sket. Kalo x, nanti nyesal.

Hmm, this semester, i will only have 4 more subjects to be completed, with total of 11 credit hours:

  • Language for Occupational Purposes - 2 Credit Hours
  • Project 2 - 3 Credit Hours
  • Waste Management Engineering - 3 Credit Hours
  • and, another elective course, which to be determined later in this week (xleh nak add lagi sebab ada technical problem) - 3 Credit Hours

A bit relax, don't you think guys? Haha! Ok la tu, as my reward sbb dah bertungkus lumus for the past three semesters (Ambik 20 ch for Sem 1 07/08, 20 ch for Sem 2 07/08 and 18 ch for Sem 1 08/09).

Macam nak apply jadi tutor jer sem nih? Huhu! Tgk la kalo rajen.

K ar.

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