Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Do Not Touch That Fish Or...

I snapped this picture because i think it is so funny but interesting. Read what it says:

I was like, what? Seriously? Hahahaha! Giler ar theory dia. If you touch the fish, it will die. Touch jer, bukan nak genggam kot. Haha!

This picture was taken at one of the cafe in male mahallah in UIA. Which mahallah? It's a secret. Kalo bg tau, malu la makcik cafe tuh. Huhu! BTW, is there any people yg nak pengang ikan dalam kolam kat cafe? Eeeyewww!


Emiratez said...

Mane tau sebelum ni ade niger penah genggam ikan dalam kolam tu kot..

teyha! said...

nampak sangat la budak2 kat mahallah tu geng pembunuh. haha.