Saturday, March 28, 2009


Have any of you experience a moment when you was talking about a person and all of the sudden, the person was actually standing behind you?

Or you was talking about any people that you don't like to your friend in a room for example, loudly, then, the person you were talking about was entering the room and when you were noticed it, it was already a little too late. Awkward~

Moral of the story, don't put a knife on other people back. Yeay!


HamiWeeRAé said...

Weh, ttbe ak nk enterprem kjp.. Mcm ade few mistakes kt ayat ko.. Tp ak pon xtau ayat version ak ni betul ke x..

HAS ANYONE of you EVER experience a moment WHERE you ARE talking about a person and all of A sudden, THAT person IS actually standing RIGHT behind you?

Ir A.Aziz said...

@ HamiWeeRAe - Yours sounded more convincing. Thanks for the correction.