Thursday, January 8, 2009

Got Tagged by Syam

Actually, aku malas nak wat tag2 ni. Tp da org bg (Syam), wat jer la (although aku dah termiss 2-3 tag yg lalu... Kah! Kah! Kah!)

A tag by the NEW YEAR ELF: List 5 things you are proud of this year with it's reason and tag 5 other persons!
Five things I'm proud of:

Internship Program at Institute for Medical Research (IMR)
  • The time being an intern at IMR is one of the proudest moment I had last year because i learned a lot there especially all the hands-on experience in the lab, working in office and lab surrounding, doing overtime, etc. Among the biotech lab techniques that i learned include SDS PAGE, Western Blotting, Buffer Preparation, Protein Extraction etc. Unfortunately, I'm not sure whether i will be able to practice all the techniques again in the future since my FYP has nothing to do with all the lab skill. As most of u know, my FYP is related with Bioinformatics, which i will spend most of the time doing my project in front of the computer. To know more, click here.
Become a certified IT Technician
  • Last November, I attended a 3P course (Thanks to Amir for inviting me to join it), which I had to attend two weeks of classes and two exams (while other people enjoying themselves at home during holiday), but it was worth it! I am now a certified IT Technician. For more info, click here and here.
Upgraded my PC with state-of-the-art Hardwares
  • A 2G RAM, 640G Hardisk, a USB Modem, a 18.5" LCD screen monitor.. Huh! I couldn't ask for more. I just love it! Thanks to God for all the rewards. I hope that I will not be the one who is ungrateful with all your rewards.
IrAziz went "Public"
  • For your information, this blog was initially created for me as a place to lepaskan geram and to let out sumer bnda xpuas hati in my life. But then, i thought, why not widen the scope of my blogs with other stories etc etc and share it with all my friend? And the result is as what you guys see right now. Hahahaha!
Got good grade for my Biotech Lab 4
  • Not to brag, but... Hahaha! Although it was only a 1 Credit Hour subject, but memang rasa sgt2 puas hati sbb ye la, I sacrifice a lot for this subject okay! (actually, dah tak tau nak letak aper ntah for my 5th Proudest Moment... Terima jer la ni ek)

Dah ar. Malas aku nak wat bnda2 ni lagi. Hahahaha!

Jap2, lupa plak. Five people that I want to tag:
  1. Azimin
  2. Amirizal
  3. Oren
  4. Kirin
  5. Farihan Azizan

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