Monday, June 15, 2009

Something About Dog

Source - House M.D. - 403 - 97 Seconds

Generally, I hate dog. But there are also some exceptions. I love to see (not to touch) a clean dog, walking at the street with its owner. The small one of course. Not the big, black dog. That one, aku memang akan geli sampai bila2 (how to write this sentence in English?). Hahaha!

I also like to watch trained dog in action. For example, below are some captured images about a well-trained dog, taking care of its owner. Tengok la.

Amazing right! The dog looks very clean also.


Dilla said...

kalau anjing yg comel2 tu mmg nampak comey. Ada sekali tu saya& hubby hampir tersentuh sebab ingatkan selimut-tuan dia dukung mcm pegang selimut. Taaaappiii.. apa pun tetap x suka tuan anjing yg x reti nak jaga hygene anjing depa. Dibiarnya anjing tu kencing merata-kat pokok, kat tiang letrik.. eeiii... & melepas pun merata jugak!!! aarrghh.. geram!

Ir A.Aziz said...

@ Dilla - At least kat tmpat madam skrg nih, kalo tuan2 anjing tuh bawak anjing2 dia pg buang air, they will pick up the poop. Tp kat Malaysia nih, dia biar jer anjing2 tuh berak, pastu x nak kutip. Tu yg kes terpijak taik anjing sumer.

HamiWeeRAé said...

gler trharu tgk anjing neh tlg tuan dea.. iskkk

RosmanPositivo said...

this is a scene from house! haha. gile fanatic house aku ni.

Ir A.Aziz said...

@ Wee - Terharu kan?

@ Rosman - Tepat sekali!